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Karadur Inacu 

Two More Weeks to Wait

It may have taken until 6:30 this morning, but I did finally get around to emailing all the people I needed to hear from, and as yet have received two responses. One in regards to a commission, where the artist uncannily said the reason they hadn't sent me any updates in a while was because they'd gone over their bandwidth limit for the month, and literally weren't able to get to their email. Meanwhile, another artist I'm still waiting to hear back from restated pretty much my exact sentiments about commissions, except from their point of view. Just like me, they've been stressed out over personal things and would like to clear their commissions list as a result, while I am also stressed out about personal things, and would like to clear my commissions list as a result. The only difference is I am a buyer, whereas they are a seller, but otherwise, fantastic similarity and such. Which is a thinly-veiled reference, but I still haven't gotten to what I'm trying to. The second email was from Michele, and goes as follows:

Glad you keep me posted… tomorrow I don’t plan on being in due to the snow storm… so our office will be closed. How about the week of Feb 17th by then I should know what I’m to do with our left over kits (do we keep for next year or do we void them); also I’m hoping we will be getting some kits back from canvassers. Don’t worry I will be needing you. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s will be OK if Wednesday’s don’t work for you.

I've already responded to say my availability is flexible as yet, and that I will try emailing her on the 14th (Monday of that week) to see where things stand then, but the first part of her message is interesting. From what I've heard and read of this storm thus far, we're supposed to be getting 20-30cm of snow, and with that being the case thus far, I don't see where the issue is. Even 20cm of snow is alot, yes, but closing the office over it? Seriously? Does that mean there's an exceedingly slight chance of getting the night off from work? I do mean exceedingly, exceedingly slim, because all I can see happening is George not being able to make it in, but if he can't, what other manager will take his place? I can't see anybody else being too enthusiastic at the prospect of having to drive up there in such apparently treacherous conditions, only to have to do it again at the end of the night, and I'll be able to make it there regardless of what the weather's like. It just might take me a bit longer, but everybody else seems to be treating this like the worst storm of the year. Which it is, to be quite fair and objective, but some of the fuss seems to be unjustified. I shared as much with Dan Skunk since he was online when I got that email, hoping he would understand how unusual it is for weather to be taken this seriously, but his response makes me think that it may just be me: "Snow leopards would like to stay home from work and play in the snow all day instead?" That is a misconception. I don't "play" in the snow so much as I legitimately feel calm and at peace in cool, snowy weather. Playing is a little less relevant, but yes, I will admit I'd be more partial to a snowball fight than, say, running through a sprinkler during the summer. But even then I don't "play", but sit back, relax, and enjoy instead.

In other random news though, two things. Number one, my laptop worries me, in that I'm finding increasingly often now that I'll reach up and touch the power cord (the part that goes into the plug) and find the plastic hot to touch, and the metal on the inside even moreso. The plug has been loose inside the socket for some time now but I never thought it anything to worry about, only for this to happen. And I have to think it's a problem with the socket itself, because sometimes there's slight resistance when I push the plug back in, and other times it slides in smoothly. Worrisome, but I still have a spare power adapter, so I'll give that a try when I'm finished here. Secondly, before I went to bed last night, I took that delivery slip from FedEx into the kitchen and wrote "Please leave in mailbox or between front doors" in the instructions box, signed my signature, and stuck it back to the front door. Guess what was back on the mirror in the front hall when I woke up? Yes indeed. Apparently Mom put it back there so I "would see it", not even noticing that it contained new information, but the tracking page listed the package as still being on its way here from Windsor, so I stuck the notice back onto the door, and went back upstairs to busy myself with other things for a little while, before faintly hearing the door close. I quickly rushed downstairs again, and sure enough, the slip was gone, and in its place was a package. So I have my EZ-Flash IV now, which isn't exactly as pictured here (I got the cart itself, but not the USB adaptor or the extension cable), and can't use it, because I don't have the miniSD card yet. Lovely and such, but it'll show up soon enough, and then my only problem will be whether or not my laptop still works to transfer the games to the card. As for games themselves, I randomly found Castlevania Double Pack in amongst my DS games last night, and I'm up to Netopia in Battle Network 2. Almost at the part with the "Nearly Every Turn Conceals A Secret That Looks Essential" clue (look at the first letter of each word), but I've been working on that less recently after taking more of an interest in cleaning up my desktop and thinking about what the other games in the series might have to offer. I will have to play through all of them again eventually, but right now I have a new laptop adapter to try, and dishes to wash sometime after that~

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