Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That's A Lot of Coins...

As part of tidying up my room just now, I went through my container full of pennies nickles, and dimes, and filled up as many rolls as possible with them. Another ten dollars in dimes, believe it or not, along with four dollars in nickles and ~$1.50 in pennies (it's not quite a full fifty cents, but I'm rounding up), when added to the rest of what I have tucked away already, makes for seventy-six dollars and almost fifty cents. Exactly what was I getting so worried about again? Not having enough money to buy snacks with? Yeah, right.

Spending actual money is different though. Especially in the case of those rolls of coins, because they've been accumulating for at least three years now. I only wish I could come by three-quarters of a hundred dollars in change each year, but I would never be so lucky. Even just a couple days ago, I found myself weighing my options and favoring going to 7-11 for candies and whatnot and paying with debit over going to the bank and withdrawing $20, because I wouldn't need the whole twenty dollars, and paying with debit only took as much out of my account as the items I selected cost. Mind you, that probably doesn't make much sense, and even if it does it's not entirely applicable in this situation, but I'm starting to veer off somewhat from where I planned to go with this. The problem with those coins now is that they don't all fit in my little storage box, and even though it's been a fair while since I noticed anything go missing from my room, they aren't safe just sitting out in the open, so what might I do with them? Take the lot to the bank tomorrow and deposit them into my savings account, and while I'm there, ask to withdraw $210 from my checking as well, since I can do that when speaking to a teller instead of using the ATM. Then that will leave me with a whole $10 for the next two weeks, $20 once Naomi gives me her $10 for the internet from January, and that should last. My most recent visit to 7-11 only cost $3.60, and got me $2 in 5-cent candies (40 of them) along with a roll of sour Sweet Tart-like things, and I could do with cutting back to one drink per visit to Tim Hortons as well, and an extra large tea is less than $2. I can definitely do it, but I dislike this having everything all set and allocated while it's still Wednesday night for me. It's pretty annoying.

Also in the area of spending things, I got an email from Nintendo earlier tonight about new Club Nintendo rewards, so I've redeemed some of my coins again - 500 this time - and I'm looking forward to seeing if I actually get what I ordered, or the coins are silently given back to me for another year. I'm really not that disappointed about Game & Watch Collection anymore, because if anything I collect game guides these days, as opposed to the games themselves, and if I really wanted to I could probably easily find some place to download it, so it's no big loss. This time, however, I ordered to carrying pouches, one red and gray, and the other blue and gray. Apparently they're large enough to fit a DS, and the colors are nice, so I'll find some use for them <3

In other news tonight, I successfully made a new type of cookie, although they came out way flatter than the picture showed - I think I pushed down on them too hard, because the recipe said to flatten them with a cup dipped in sugar. At any rate, melting white chocolate? It's easy, when done properly, which is the key here. Put about an inch of water in a pot, and put it on the stove at low to medium heat. While it warms up, chop your chocolate into smaller pieces, then put those in heat-safe bowl, and place it on top of the pot. The key here is to make sure the bowl doesn't touch the water. Then stir constantly, until the chocolate is melted. Simple and easy, but as for the coconut, I went a different route, inspired by a particular scene from an episode of Iron Chef America. I dumped into a frying pan, covered the entire pan with a pot lid, and uncovered it every so often to stir the coconut around. And it worked too, but then as noted above, the cookies came out of the oven laughably flat (another possibility for why is that I used cooking spray on the baking sheet instead of shortening), but otherwise they taste alright. Then after those were done I made up two batches of oatmeal peanut butter cup cookies, which were nothing different than before, so now I really don't need to go anywhere for snacks. I have Pepsi and Rockets (the latter left over from candy shopping the day after Halloween) under my bed, several packages of Mr. Noodles that are at least a couple months old, a half-box of Special K, everything I need to make another one of "my" cakes, and, of course, cookies. At this point, it seems fairly apparent that I go out for snacks so much not because I want them specifically, but because I like going out to... buy things, perhaps? Or maybe I just like to get out in general? 7-11 and Tim Hortons are just easier than other places, because things there are cheap. Maybe that explains it.

But now I have some last-minute tidying up of my bedside table to do, and then it's time for bed. Hopefully this drive checking will be finished by the time I wake up, because it's been going for over 24 hours now, and hopefully Whose Line is it Anyway will be finished re-encoding as well. As for Megaman Battle Network 3, I'm about where I was before, except this time I'm at the "Scilab is on fire" stage instead of the "Hospital is overgrown by vines" one. They're similar though, in that both involve mindless battling to collect chips of either fire or aqua element, and while it's made somewhat easier by there being a way to attract the specific viruses that drop those types of chips, it's still repetitive. I'll get back to that tomorrow though. Once I've had a good rest and don't need to keep constantly checking other things~

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