Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Got What I Wanted

Certainly there is some irony in this. I went out to Tim Hortons today, and came home with a large tea and a donut for $2.47. The tea is unimportant, but the donut was caramel crunch, which is of note, because as mentioned before, I've wanted to get another one of those for a little while now, but every time I went there, they were all out. So I got one last night, and then immediately proceeded to eat everything except for it. KFC, butter tart squares that Mom made the other night, cookies, and even a second can of pop, which had me to the point of feeling like I'd eaten way too much, only to look over at my bedside table and see a brown paper bag. It's still there now too, as is the donut inside of it, but now I'm not very hungry. Still tired because of loud, obnoxious work that was started around 9 or 9:30 this morning (Adam says they're shoveling snow, but whatever they're doing, they're pounding on things hard enough for my entire bed and the door to my room, and even various things in the bathroom to shake), and my throat feels very unfortunately like it's starting to get sore. I think I just need a drink of water to remedy that though, but at the moment all of my water bottles are empty, and I'm not about to start another day off with a can of Pepsi. Oh, and there's also an annoying repetitive clicking coming from somewhere in this immediate area. It's amazing how one short and relatively quiet noise and be so annoying. Is it so much to ask for my room to just be completely quiet? Although what could make matters worse today is if Mom was making stew for supper, because the smell of that quickly spreads throughout the entire house, and is frankly not appealing, even after I fully wake up and realize what it is. Or maybe I'm just too fussy, because I recall that day a couple years ago where I went to Canadian Tire for a single can of air freshener. I still have it too, but rarely ever use the thing because I can't stand the smell of it either.

Anyways though, I have more reasons than just those to be annoyed today, but the others are somewhat simpler - the fact that I spent pretty much my entire last day off until next Tuesday (seriously, Tuesday, which really isn't a day off because I have to wash the dishes here then) working on re-encoding things and trying to organize my torrents and cut back to just what I needed to have loaded into the program. Normally that wouldn't be so bad, but some combination of doing that and it being uncomfortably hot and having nothing else to occupy my time besides Megaman Battle Network 3 was... annoying, and by the time I finished up I had a headache and felt sick in the same way I used to when I spent hours and hours manually re-tagging music. Things are tedious and all that, but as for Battle Network 3, I decided to put it down last night in the middle of working up through the jobs list. Considering where I was when I started, that's not a whole lot of progress, but it's better than nothing, I suppose. At this rate I might very well have the main game beaten by the time I can actually make use of my EZ-Flash, which is the other thing I'm displeased about, but mail taking a long time to arrive really isn't anything new. I wish that stopped it from being annoying, but yeah, maybe next week. Finally, on a third unpleasant note, that disk check was still going yesterday night, but was getting quite close to being finished (or the progress bar was, anyways), when I picked up my laptop to put it back down on my bedside table and... pressed Enter. That caused an error to pop up that I didn't have enough time to read because I still had my finger on Enter, so now, well, the scan is going again, and while I'm checking back every now and then to see where it's at, the window will not remain in focus for more than ten seconds.

I've managed to work myself over into being in a somewhat off mood now though, so this is going to end here, to allow me to go downstairs and fill my water bottles. I have a picture of that $76 in change to upload next time, however, and also a song that I was more or less dancing around Real Canadian Superstore on Thursday to share, so yeah, maybe after work tonight. If I'm in a better mood by then~

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