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Karadur Inacu 

Winter Mustn't End Yet

I must say I don't like how much warmer it feels today. What would be nice is if it remained as cold as it was earlier this week (around -20) for another little while, because that was nice, and brisk and refreshing, but this is already miserable, although not as much as it could get, so I probably shouldn't complain too much. It just funny to think how on the way home last night I was enjoying all the snow, because it had started falling again shortly after 2:00, and it made me wonder if winter might not be over just yet, but apparently we're nearing that point. I'm sure the guy working at Tim Hortons last night would disagree, because every time he takes my order he makes a comment about how he can't believe I'm not freezing, and how it's ridiculous that I never get sick, etc., as would plenty of other people, such as the teller at the bank the other afternoon, and a few other scattered instances, such as from coworkers. To all of those people, however, me - snow leopard - do you see the connection any more clearly now? There's a reason I have my tail and ears, and it's not just to make you go "Huh?" At any rate though, it's getting warmer out, and that really does make me sad. As it's only the 12th of February I will keep my hopes up that it'll get colder again, but for the moment it should be steadily getting colder, and not going from -20 to 1.

In good news, however, I got an email yesterday that has probably well made its rounds already, but that I still want to post here myself because it resembles somewhat of a triumph:

Dear TekSavvy Customer,

Because of your support and participation in reaching out to the various MPs and the Minister of Industry we're pleased to announce that the March 1st UBB implementation date has been suspended indefinitely.

With over 460,000 signatures having been sent to Parliament Minister Clement and the Industry committee requested the CRTC review its recent decision in full, which it has obliged and are now doing. Until this review has occurred UBB over DSL has been completely shelved. Minister Clement also added they would overturn the review should it resemble in any way to the previous outcome!

So, congratulations to all who've spoken up about this issue, you've made a huge difference. As a Canadian, today, I can honestly say it's refreshing to know politicians do listen and will affect change when the public at large shows concern!

Effective March 1st we are going to move forward and make changes to the Usage, but we're going to make it a positive one!

We are reinstating the Unlimited package but the 200GB package will be changed... to 300GB! UBB is about Internet Costs, and as a result of lower costs with our providers (Peer1, Lime Light, etc...), costs outside our relationship with companies like Bell, we are extending the savings on to you, the clients... Enjoy!

PS - To view your usage or receive more details on reinstated/upgraded packages go to http://myworld.teksavvy.com. Please note that usage on the Customer Portal is currently only available to DSL users. We are working towards adding this option to all of our Cable users.

I am actually really pleased about that, and went out of my way to tell Dad that the internet for them would be staying at $10 a month, so hurray and such <3 Especially because if I follow through with some music-downloading things I've been considering since yesterday night, I'll be using even more than normal over the coming couple months myself. It's bad enough as is that I still have that ~23GB torrent of Touhou songs to sort through and tag and possibly convert, but now, well, see the song listed in the "Music" field for this entry? It came from this album, which I was originally going to delete because I typically dislike properly tagging albums with multiple artists, but I went through it anyways as part of tidying up my torrents, put it on my PSP since it had "Ryu☆" in the name and I have all that I can find of his other stuff on there, and then started listening to it when we went grocery shopping. The second song ("ミクの消失 (Hommarju Remix)") was amazing enough on its own, because it was more or less an entire track of my favorite part from this song (but you'd have to skip way over to the end to hear it), and then when Just Be Friends came on, I actually had to listen to it a second, and eventually a third time, all the while bobbing my head and tapping the handle of the shopping cart to the beat, and so on from there <3 Sure, it's most likely just a temporary thing, because I used to really like Kannonkore by Furries in a Blender the same way, but haven't listened to it in quite a while, but for now, it is my favorite song.

That takes care of two of the things I wanted to mention now, so as for the third, this is what $76 in change looks like. It's kind of hard to believe that there's actually that much money there, but count it out yourself if you wish, and you'll come up with the same amount. I've been saving that since, well, at least as far back as when I was saving up as much change as possible to pay the customs fees on my giant tail, so it was kind of difficult to hand over at the bank, but I literally ran out of room in my little storage box, and last time I tried to store rolls of coins elsewhere, at least one roll of quarters and several rolls of pennies went missing out of my dresser drawer. I have very few doubts about where those went, so I just hope she put them to good use. Then on a completely different note, that picture reminds me of one night where I went to Shoppers for deodorant, planning to pay with several rolls of coins. For some inane reason, however, I wore sweatpants, which were nearly falling down thanks to the weight of the coins, and when I got up to the checkout, I... paid with debit, because I didn't want to give the coins away, as they'd taken a long time to accumulate.

Getting back to the present though, I have an hour and a half left to go before leaving for work tonight, which I'm going to spend on Battle Network 3, as I just beat BowlMan (on my first try, no less) and did the Undernet server / GigFreez thing last night, and now need to find my way over to DrillMan so I can fight him. Might be able to have that done before 7:00 too, so let's hope so. Not that I can't just bring it to work again to play in the dining room if I don't, but the more time I spent writing this, the less I'll have for that, and I think I've said everything for today anyway~

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