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I'm Kind of a Jerk

First it was eleven minutes, and now it's about an hour that things have changed completely in. Earlier on I was quite ready to write an entry before I went to bed, because I had several topics in mind to write about, and didn't much want to do anything else, but I went off to have a shower instead, and after that, slowly worked myself up to wanting to go to Tim Hortons, which was nice and unexpected and fun. Notwithstanding that I'd already gone to the one across the street from the police station for a peppermint tea and a donut on the way home from work, and bought the exact same drink alone from the one I got back from a short time ago, but I know now that extra-large teas cost $1.72 (which is kind of expensive for hot water and two teabags, but not enough to really care about), which may or may not come in handy as soon as tomorrow night. If George remembers to bring his external drive, I'll go there (to the one on St. Clair) again, and if not, I'll make do with eating at home. Which is incidentally interesting point number 1. Work, that is. Apparently we close at 1am Sunday through Wednesday now, which is bad for getting paid that little bit extra, but good otherwise. I can definitely say I won't mind getting home an hour earlier than normal, but it will also put a bit more pressure on us (the closers) to get things done in a timely manner. On the same topic as well, to get it out of the way right now, I know this is nothing new, but once again, I dislike working with people who don't pull their weight, but I do like this newfound not really caring what other people might say and speaking up if I see something wrong with what they're doing. Such as Ang earlier this afternoon, who, for the very first order I took made one item, and then just sort of walked off to continue her conversation with Sheila and Manoah. I quite bluntly asked "Is this order being made?" too, and she snapped back at me that it was "already half-done" (when it wasn't), and then started getting somewhat heated herself before Manoah came up and tried to get her to laugh it off, because they'd been having a good day thus far or something.

Still on the topic of speaking up and being more assertive, it's February 14th today, which is special because it marks the day the oldest commission on my list of things that are still outstanding was started. To make it even better I haven't heard from the other person since July, so I sent them the following message as soon as I remembered after midnight:

So, would it be appropriate to say "happy anniversary"? Technically it's not been a full year yet, with there being about fifteen hours to go until 4:30pm, but here we are, on February 14th, and I have some things to say. Well, more or less just one.

I try to be understanding of delays and people having other things to do. [deity] only knows I've been bad enough recently, because I've had some personal things to deal with and couldn't bring myself to respond to one person let alone several at a time, but I would still expect to be kept informed of delays and setbacks and such else. Have something come up? Simply say so (and by that I mean "I've had something come up, and need to put your commission(s) on hold for a bit" - nothing specific), and let me know when I can expect to hear back from you. That's all I ask, and I realize I'm equally at fault for not contacting you over the past seven months, but a year? Really?

I would like to get what I paid for in the beginning, even if it requires waiting longer, but because of the wait thus far, I would ask that unless you are literally unable to find anymore at all around where you live, that the second charm, if not the first as well be made on clear plastic.

Thanks in advance.

I feel that's all perfectly reasonable, fair, and professional, and would be quite looking forward to hearing back from the other person if I didn't think it'd be a week to several months before they respond, if that. And of course I still have other pictures and other things purchased that have yet to be completed, but what am I supposed to do? I really don't like getting antsy and fussy over how long things are taking, partially because it's nice to the other person (Pachabel referred to me as "a joy" when I was commissioning pictures for Prized Possession from her), and partially because if I do and they don't respond in a reasonable amount of time, I will get more stressed out for it. One year, however, is unreasonable no matter which way you look at it, and I am fully serious about wanting the things I'm getting from that person to be made on clear plastic to make up for the wait. At first I was going to settle for whatever they could give me just to make it easier on them, but now, well, no. As for other commissions, whenever I feel like it, really. Everybody has their money, so my half of things has been taken care of.

Otherwise though, I think I might end this here and go back to Battle Network 3 until I get tired enough to go to sleep. I might even be able to have the main game beaten by then, as I finished up the last of the WWW areas (before the "point of no return") in the dining room at work earlier, and the timing would be appropriate considering that a new week starts tomorrow, and I just might get the miniSD card that I need for my EZ-Flash. But before I forget again, I also have to send Michele an email to see if she wants me to return yet. As such, I'm off to do that, and just maybe I'll have Alpha beaten before I call it a night~

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