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Cheating: a Convoluted Mess

Not exactly practical, but it'll have to do. The miniSD card package I was waiting for came today (now that I have it I realized I essentially spent ~$30 on a miniSD adapter, but let's not go into that just yet), and after a nausea-inducing amount of fiddling around, I've finally figured out how to get cheats to work, and it's well, kind of a roundabout solution, really - load the game in VisualBoyAdvance, apply whatever cheats I wish to use with it, save the game, and then transfer the save file over to the microSD card (in miniSD adapter) to be loaded by the EZ-Flash. That's kind of a pain too, to be honest, but it works, and I now have what I wanted most: 999,999 zenny in Megaman Battle Network 4: Blue Moon. I beat Battle Network 3 last night (although it took five or six tries because I wasn't expecting to have to fight Bass first), and while I'm nowhere near done that game, for there's still the secret area and plenty of other venturing about to do, I also moved on from Battle Network 2 after defeating Gospel, only once setting foot in the WWW area and promptly getting killed because I'd forgotten the enemies there had auras too. Not very powerful ones, of course, but enough to make me lose interest in fighting. I do miss the days of playing with emulators exclusively, for nights such as what I've written about before where I'd rush through all three modes (easy, hard, and super-hard) of Battle Network 4 in about six hours, just because I could. Those days were quite enjoyable <3

At any rate, what else can I say about tonight? Work was kind of interesting, but the interesting parts go back as early as Sunday afternoon, in regards to something Ang asked me. She and George were talking to each other, and after a short time, she turned to me and asked "When are you going to get your license?" Not the first time I've been asked the question, but unlike before, where I just said "I don't know..." and hoped the other person would drop it, I told her "I don't know", and "I really don't see a use for it." Sure, simple honesty like that shouldn't be so amazing, but it was quite liberating just saying that much to her. Of course, she continued on asking how I would get to Toronto or London if I needed to go there, and I responded by saying I'd take the train. Or a bus, but I'd really rather not do that, because trains seem much more orderly and mature than buses. Getting back to it being liberating though, why didn't I say that way back when she asked if I had a girlfriend? I lied and created that ghastly mess related to a nonexistent "Crystal" who volunteered at Heart and Stroke, when I could've just said "No" and "Because I don't", and saved myself the trouble. Seriously, if anybody were to ask nowadays why I don't have one, I would either refuse to answer, or say that it's not a priority right now. Otherwise, it's none of their business, but the driver's license thing is still interesting. If ever I were to get that piece of identification, it would be purely to have as ID. Not so I could drive, but to use at places that don't take health cards as valid ID. Shoppers is about the only one right now, but there are probably others I can't remember right now.

As for tonight though, it's funny. I don't want to invade his privacy or anything, but George was in roughly the same state as I am in regarding friends, but for slightly different reasons. He was in a bad mood because somebody he wanted to talk to had been unavailable for at least a couple weeks, and he was wondering aloud why he even called that other person a friend as such, and while I didn't say anything to him about what I've been dealing with, I recently removed somebody from my MSN list for that exact reason. Also, changing points of view for a moment, it's equally interesting to notice how him being in an off mood put me on-edge as well. The first part of the night was fine, but then he went into the back to check something on his phone and came up looking quite cross, and the moment I realized something was amiss, I became kind of edgy myself. And speaking for myself as well, has this been easy? No. I experienced what by far was the worst panic / anxiety attack I have ever felt back on Saturday night, and every time I try to think back over matters and begin to re-realize the similarities between my views and the other person's now, I begin to panic. Fun in a way, but kind of dumb in another, and the more I think about why, the more I just want to set this aside and go to bed, so maybe I should switch topics now, to...

Heart and Stroke. Guess what? I've been asked to wait a couple more weeks yet again, but this time it's different. Michele said that kits from door to door canvassing will have started to be returned by March 3rd, so instead of emailing her that week to ask if she wants me to come in then, I should just show up on Thursday, and go from there. But that's still, oh, two weeks, two days away, so what will I do in the meantime? Not much. I organized my desktop and tidied my room up in preparation for George coming over after work tonight to get another couple seasons of Doctor Who (at first it was just season 16, but 17 finished downloading while I was asleep), only for him to... forget his drive. Yes, what a surprise and all that, but we did walk to Tim Hortons which was nice, and we both ordered an extra-large peppermint tea which was... nice (I do wonder what he thought of it though - I should've asked for Green), and the rest of the night was mostly standard, aside from him telling me he didn't mind if I left early while he stayed behind to put the order away, which was kind of odd. Maybe it's because I've been allowed to go home early the past several supper shifts I worked with him, but I stayed, and helped put things away, because it would've been lazy of me not to. But now that I'm at home and have a day off tomorrow and it's quarter after 7 in the morning, I'm well entitled to be lazy, so I'm off to bed, and will hopefully sleep in. As soon as I respond to Michele to say "Okay", that is. Just one last thing to do~

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