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Unexpected Starting Point Tonight

Could it be that I've found a relatively unknown secret in Megaman Battle Network 3? I've been trying to finish off the Virus Breeding sidequest, and through taking what I thought would be a quicker path into an area where the next Omega virus I had to fight was located, I found a little something that isn't listed in any of GameFAQs' guides as far as I can tell, and the details are as such: the only requirements are to have the "Humor" NaviCust program, and to be able to jack into the lion head in Ura Inn's outdoor bath. Once you have both of those, go jack in, and make your way through the following area, to the warp on the other side. Enter it, and you'll appear in Yoka area 2, next to the Navi who comments about how tiny you are if you talk to him while compressed. Talk to him as normal-sized Megaman, however, and the following exchange will take place:

Hmm,know any good

I've come over from
Swapopolis to be a

But I'm in a slump,
so I can't think of
any jokes!

If someone could
just tell me a good
one,it might shake
me outta my slump…
Hey,you,can you tell
me a good joke?

...Heh. Ya
can't take a joke,
can ya…?

Seems to me there
was a really funny
guy around here…

Equip Humor now and speak to the Navi a second time, and his dialog will change to (where Lan's lines are given in pink, and Megaman's in blue)

Hmm,know any good

I've come over from
Swapopolis to be a

But I'm in a slump,
so I can't think of
any jokes!

If someone could
just tell me a good
one,it might shake
me outta my slump…
Hey,you,can you tell
me a good joke?

Navi needs our help!
Tell him a good one!

Huh!? Me!?

Do you know any
good jokes!? C'mon,
lemme hear 'em!

Here goes nothing!

I can't wait!


Oh no! It's a
Mushy! I hope it
doesn't Mashy us!


And there's nothing
I hate more than
Moshy-ed potatoes!


Funny! Hilarious!

I could handle it as
far as Mushy and
Mashy,but that
last Moshy was
too much! Ha ha ha!

Hey,I think I got my
comedy muse back!

And my confidence is
back,too! Thanks,

I don't have much,
but take this token
of my gratitude!

«MegaMan got a chip for
"Team1 *"!!»

...and if you talk to him again after that...

I'll have DenCity
roaring with
laughter,you'll see!

What's curious about that is it's called ACDC (Town) at least from Battle Network 3 and on (I don't have 2 handy to test right now), and also, assuming Press is installed in your NaviCust as well, try walking down onto the compressed walkway and Megaman will say

Huh? The Press
compression program
isn't working…

Maybe something is
wrong with the path?

Curious things indeed, but is Team1 * worth it? For the * chip code, yes, but my current folder is based largely around swords and meteors, so even if Team1 was usable in single-player battles (it may be, but I don't know for sure), I wouldn't have much use for it. As noted above, however, it's a fairly well-hidden chip, and I couldn't find mention of it in any guides on GameFAQs (searching for "team1 *", "team1*", and "joke"), so yay and all that.

Also related, and another thing to be pleased about is that I now know how to back up my saves from the actual game carts for use on my EZ-Flash or in VBA on my laptop. It's really not a new method, what with the required tool having been released back in 2008, but it works, so now I only have to wait until Thursday and back up my other saves (most notably from Megaman Battle Network 2, since I'm nowhere near fully finished with it yet), and then have everything in one convenient place. Cheats are still somewhat of a hit-and-miss, but having to apply them in VBA also offers alot more functionality, because I can use pretty much any type of code there, compared to only action replay cheats. It also copied the actual ROM too, which was kind of a surprise, and apparently is able to copy saves back onto the game cart as well, but I haven't tried that yet, because I don't want to risk losing the saves on either of the games I've been playing recently.

I'm sad to say it's been a pretty slow day otherwise though. Dishes went by quickly, and I've done little else aside from playing Battle Network 3, but I did have an interesting chat with Dan Skunk about understanding things and such, because I had a sudden realization while washing dishes. The reason I want to understand things that make me uncomfortable instead of just accepting them for what they are and how they make me feel and moving on is because if and when I gain the ability to understand one of those things through whatever means, I'll be that much closer to being able to relate to it, which is exactly what I need to do if I'm to have any hope of bettering myself. Unfortunately, talking was of the sort that I got rather agitated at myself for saying so much after a certain point, and I'm still in that general mood now, but it doesn't stop it from being interesting. What it does also show once again is preferring to do things on my own. Oh, sure, in the case of having a breakthrough / realization, I want to share it with somebody, but otherwise it's something I can and should only do on my own, because nobody else can understand exactly how I feel, and why I feel that way. I am also really noticing first of all what Squnq said before about snow leopards tending to be elitists, and secondly the first person who commented here saying "I think that you have Asperger's syndrome" and subsequently being told that people to whom that label applied were somewhat known for seeing themselves as the next step in evolution. The shame about the latter is that the person who said that is no longer speaking to me, but honestly, if they would prefer to walk over me to make themselves happy, then more power to them and such. Although I do still scoff at how they said I needed to get professional help before, as if I had, I probably would be thinking about entirely different things instead of this self-exploration and introspection.

I think it's pretty safe to say this isn't working out as I imagined it would tonight though. I started writing this about an hour and a half ago, and left it for a while when I was making that picture of my Battle Network 3 folder, and now my desire to write has been mostly overpowered by irritability and wanting to go to bed. Even though I fell asleep for a short time around 1:30, and strongly considered staying that way until morning (or afternoon), so yes. I have some tidying up of things to do, as always, and it'll probably take at least another half hour to fall asleep after that, so I should get started now~

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