Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Still Two Weeks to Go

Evidently I really need to keep a closer eye on the time. Either that, or on my window, because when I last checked, it was a couple minutes before 6am, and still dark out. Now it's 7:30 and the sun is well on its way up. As for me, I'm just here, not really tired, and... oh, well that was pretty disgusting. For way too long now I've noticed a quiet yet incessant chirping sound coming from somewhere in my room, and just now I decided to do something about it. First I turned off all of my external hard drives, which didn't change anything, but while leaning out to reach over to those, noticed that the sound seemed to be coming from up above me, and what up above me could be making the noise but... my fan, of course. Planning to get up and just rap on the lamp part a couple times, I stood up, and instead looked around the upper part of the light for the switch to reverse the direction of the fan, then pulled it, and... all the dust and cat fur and other pleasantness started floating down all around me. Funny in an unpleasant way, but more importantly, the chirp / squeak is gone. Finally, because it was growing extremely irritating.

Going back to still being awake though, I really don't know what to say. I stopped at Tim Hortons for a large green tea on the way home, and drank a can of Pepsi as well almost immediately after it, and I wouldn't think those to beverages alone would give me so much energy, yet here I am. I could probably go on for a while longer too, alas, if I do everything will be messed up tomorrow, and I don't want that. In regards to tonight, however, well, I'm doing surprisingly well in the secret area of Battle Network 3, first of all. I beat DarkMan on my second try, and (Japan/Yamato)Man on my first, when my health was half-full at the beginning of the battle, and didn't fail at either of the obelisk endurance battles (sort of makes me want to try getting the SS and SSS licenses in Battle Network 2), but I'm stuck right now at the NetDealer. I had enough zenny to buy all three HPMemories and NrthWind, but then ran out, and I've yet to be able to get the 999,999 zenny code to work in VBA or on the actual game again yet. Maybe it only takes effect in the "real" world, but on the good side of things, that GBA Backup Tool tool did indeed work for writing my save back to the actual Battle Network 3 cart. Kind of nifty, actually <3

As for work, I don't want to call it a mess, but it wasn't the best night. Before I started though, George told me that it was all my fault that he was hooked on peppermint teas from Tim Hortons now (they are good, but I've come to the conclusion that the taste resembles that of dental floss), so next time we go there I'll order something different, and see if he follows suit again. But then work itself was of the "Okay, but could've been better" variety. I still dislike closing with Mary, but what's different than before is how I feel that way now because I dislike how she either puts things off entirely, or rushes through them. My new pasttime (so to speak) now is to leave little dots of black marker in various corners and hidden spots on line to see if the people who close it are wiping everything down correctly, and while at least George and James are wise to that game, he (George) keeps missing one, and the others I put there on Monday night were still there when I went in this evening. I didn't check before we left, but I'd be willing to bet they're still there, and very possibly will be on Friday as well, which is kind of... pathetic, really, but also amusing once again. I get the feeling Mary is like Sheila in that she cares more about getting out quickly though. Maybe that's not true, but it is how things felt tonight.

And see, now I'm starting to get tired. Just after 8:00, which really is no surprise, so I might as well go to bed. I don't expect anything interesting to happen tomorrow yet, but it could be fun anyways. I'll just have to see what happens then~

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