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Karadur Inacu 

I Don't Have the Patience

Such fun memories of doing this same thing with the first Megaman Starforce game. Hours upon hours of repetitive battling in order to get those last couple chips needed to complete the standard library, which is what I mostly worked on in Battle Network 3 today, but I don't think I can take much more right now. Even though the Bugfrag trader did bring me up to 192/200, and I think I've already "unlocked" BassGS even though I haven't beaten Serenade, because I caught the end of something Megaman said, to the effect of "I wonder what that growling was?", but I haven't yet gone back to secret area 3, for not needing anything else in there at the moment. I probably should though, because everything I've read up to this point says that he (Bass) will only appear after defeating Serenade, but that could still end up being true. Maybe it's just that you can trade in the required number of Bugfrags as soon as you have access to secret area 3, but the secret boss won't show up until you've beaten one of the other hidden ones. Oh, and on that note DarkMan and (Japan/Yamato)Man Alpha were mildly amusing, in that I beat both of them on my first try. I did, however, fail the first time on battle 20 of when you smash the grey obelisk (the final battle, no less), but adopted a different strategy the second time 'round, and have absolutely no use for the item obtained from defeating all the viruses, since it halves your HP. No thank you, and still speaking of bosses, even though Alpha (the final boss) was rather difficult the first time 'round, I can't help thinking it'd be somewhat easier now. Maybe I'll have to give that a try before I go to bed too.

On a different note though, I have a mostly rhetorical question to ask. Why is it that nodding off well before I mean to go to bed feels better than going to sleep at the end of the night? I went to 7-11 shortly after 9:00, came home with $12 worth of snacks (ridiculous, I know, but it leaves me with at most one more same-priced visit to there, and two more visits to Tim Hortons for probably a single extra-large tea each time before we next get paid, which is in exactly one week. Anyways, I ate everything that I bought within about an hour, and a short while after that, started to feel really tired, for all too obvious reasons. So eventually I laid down, meaning to simply rest my head and eyes at first, but fell asleep for at least ten minutes, and when I woke up again, I felt so warm and comfortable and cozy that it was veritably painful to wake up the rest of the way and resume being conscious. Also, I can for the most part remember the dreams that I have when I'm intentionally sleeping, but can remember frustratingly few details of the images and events that play themselves out in my mind when I fall asleep by "accident". Oh, sure, I can remember how the dream felt, but trying to recall specifics is like grasping at thin air. Kind of weird, and frustrating at the same time, because they feel alot more interesting and pleasant (I want to say "cozy", but I already did above) than normal dreams do.

Switching over to unexpected things now, I was asked a question earlier today that I haven't heard in a while. Would I be interested in being interviewed, to help somebody who wanted to do a school project on furries? Unfortunately, there's a problem with that question just there as is, which I brought to the attention of the person who asked immediately after they posed the question. As far as I'm concerned, I am not furry. I'm a snow leopard in how I think and feel and act (naturally, of course), but animal anthropomorphism is just kind of a side-interest, and only as far as commissions go. I don't get or feel that I fit into what the furry fandom is all about, but the curious thing in all of this is that when I told the question asker as much, they said they thought I was "more furry than a lot of them". And therein lies the problem. I like being told things like that, but at the same time I hate it because, once again, it compares me to other people. Being "more furry than a lot of them", unless taken literally (out of a group of furries, I am more furry than the rest) implies that there are people out there who are more furry than I am, which is kind of a blasphemous thing to say at any rate, because once more, as far as I'm concerned I am not furry, and don't care to be labeled as such. Labels really are nasty things, but as for this apparent interview, it hasn't been mentioned again yet, but it can't be any better (or worse) than that guy who recorded a couple videos of me, once when I was on my way to work, and the other, walking home from Dollarama before. In the second, he asked me to give a shout-out or somesuch, and I, not knowing what to say, randomly blurted out "Hey, what's up guys? How're you doing?" and probably looked like an idiot when I twisted my face and said "I don't know what to say!" Yeah. No more video interviews, please, unless specific questions will be asked, because the fact that I keep to myself and say absolutely nothing to anybody 98% of the time I'm out walking somewhere (with a 2% remainder for going to Tim Hortons and / or 7-11 with George) doesn't magically change if and when somebody points a video camera at me. Yeah.

Finally for tonight, it's appropriate that I mentioned George above, because the last thing I have to mention involves him. He forgot to bring his external drive in on Monday night, yes? I think it's actually better that that happened. On Monday night, I just had season 16 of Doctor Who downloaded for him, but up to 18 is complete now, and the first three episodes of 19 are 90% done already. Curious things that stopping all of my other torrents can do, but the rest aren't important anyways. Season 2 of The Next Iron Chef is the only one I care about, entirely because it's "my" torrent, but it's still seeding on my netbook, and is fine just as is for now. I'm off to bed before I think of more things to prattle on about though, but I do wonder what would happen if I stayed up until I was actually tired. Perhaps I'll try that tomorrow night, but not right now, since I work for the next two days, and most definitely don't need to be drowsy and out of it all through those~

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