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More Winter is Coming <3

Ah, I think the only thing nicer than hearing steady gusts of wind outside is wind combined with either rain or snow. Neither are present today, unfortunately, but walking home was still quite nice, because it's mildly... oh, apparently it's actually -7 out right now, but it felt pretty mild, and I went around behind the police station and up to Lacroix from there instead of walking straight home for a slight change of pace. Otherwise though, it was a pretty frustrating night, which had me wanting to ask Melissa for more supper shifts at a couple points, but on the way home I started wondering if I shouldn't count my blessings, so to speak. Being switched over to supper shifts for a couple weeks would be nice, sure, but all of the managers seem to be getting kind of uppity lately about not keeping anybody past when they're scheduled to leave, to the inclusion of leaving 2~3 hours worth of dishes at the back, which I had to wash every single one of. My fault entirely, that is, because Orlando asked if I wanted to be on drive through, and I said yes, figuring that I might as well get it out of the way on the first of my two closes with Mary. Anyways, if I were put on supper shifts, I would end up working five hours at a time at most, and would still probably have two or three days off each week, so I would make less money, and I'm still trying to save. Therefore, I should be happy with what I have right now. Maybe not so much on Monday, because it is Family Day and I overheard other things being said tonight that made it sound like they (the managers) are expecting it to be exceedingly busy again too, but... approximately one more week, and I finally will get another two days in a row off. I can't wait and all that.

The second item for tonight is something not particularly relevant, but a curious question that came to mind shortly after I laid down to go to sleep last night. The title of it is "Evaporating ice cube", and the questions are as follows. Say you have an ice cube. Say you super-heat that ice cube, by whatever means. Is there any possibility that, at a high enough temperature, the ice cube would simply shrivel up / evaporate without melting first? Normally it goes that you would take an ice cube out of the freezer, set it in a pan on the stove over low heat, and watch as the ice cube slowly transformed completely into water, and evaporated from there. What I'm curious about is if you were to drop an ice cube directly into the sun (kind of a farce itself, but work with me here), would it skip the melting and evaporating stages, and go straight from ice cube to ice cube-shaped portion of air? I think there's some logic to it, but regardless of whether or not there actually is, I couldn't go to sleep until I'd written that down, and now I've not only done that but actually made use of it, so I can close Notepad until something else so random and unprovoked comes to mind.

Moving ahead to topic 3, I had a chance just earlier to ask the person mentioned yesterday night (who asked if I would be interested in an interview) how they figured that I was "more furry than most of them". Their responses - verbatim - are "Because you seem to take your fursona more to heart and it's not just a way to get attention?", and in response to my saying that I didn't have a fursona as such, "Exactly, you are the snow leopard, you're not just pretending." ...interesting, if anything, and yes, I really do like it more that way, because it seems like the only way that isn't contradicted or twisted about somewhere down the line, but in regards to actually being furry, no. As I said yesterday night, I do not care for the label, because I don't like the idea of telling somebody "I'm furry" and having them jump to conclusions about exactly what sort of person I must be then. It's fun how I can be so removed from something yet say so much about it though. It hasn't come up while out walking around in some time, possibly because it's been winter and everybody would prefer to stay inside, but I did go to the bank before work on Wednesday night, and had a kind of awkward disjointed conversation with another lady waiting in line there. She asked if I was going to the show, to which I shook my head, and said "No, just to work". Then she asked "So you must be coming from the show then?" or something like that, and I shook my head a second time, and said "I'm going to work. Just across the street...". Then she asked if I knew Cats was playing down at the theater on King street (the name escapes me right now), and it all made sense. Mind you, if it actually was, that's an awful shame, because I honestly would've liked to go see it, but as for the lady, I told her that no, I hadn't been aware of that, and walked off toward the doors feeling all awkward.

And since games will probably be the last thing for this entry, updates on what I was writing yesterday. First of all, Alpha was pretty easy the second time around, just as expected, and I managed to collect the last 8 standard chips I needed before leaving for work, and still had enough time to fight Serenade. That too was a pretty trivial battle, thanks to two AreaGrab chips, which decreased his side of the field to one column, followed by GutsMan, which cracked those three squares, and because Serenade is always moving, two of those squares were replaced with empty panels quickly enough, which was right about the time I went into the custom screen and found Meteors waiting for me. And let's just say that when there's only one intact panel on the opponent's side, all of the meteors hit that panel, and because using that chip darkens the screen and freezes time until it's finished, he didn't have a chance to flinch, thereby gaining temporary invincibility. Bass, however, has proven somewhat more difficult thus far, mostly in that I have only four chips in my folder capable of piercing his aura (notwithstanding Anubis, but it usually doesn't remain on the field long enough to do any worthwhile damage), which thus far have never been available exactly when I needed them. Next time I try I'll either have to use some Invis chips (I'm pretty sure they make you invisible and thus invulnerable until you attack), or the only "copy" of NrthWind that I have. Or perhaps I'll just try that right now. It will save me rambling on tonight too, and who knows? Maybe I'll have one more star by the time I go to bed~

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