Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It might be almost 6 in the morning, but I figure I've got tomorrow off, so I'll just stay up 'till I get tired.

First matter is this London furmeet. I'm really no longer concerned with what Mom and Dad might say about it. Provided things work out, I figure I can either email Dad (even though he's just in the next room right now, heh), or just leave them a note saying that I'm gone for the day, and will be back. Then it can go on to say things about it being nothing bad, harmful, or whatever else, just to set their minds at ease.

The only other obstacle is work. Depending on what day it falls on, I might either have the day off, or I can call in sick, at worst. That might be a bit extreme, but I can't see them allowing me to have the day off for such a thing.

Well, there's that, and the getting home. I know the first couple times we went to London (as in the first couple times in my life) we took the train, so that could always be an option. Looking at VIA Rail's site though, their evening departures generally take place around 6, and that seems far too early. Well, there could actually be the option of just finding somewhere to stay for the night, and catching one of their morning or afternoon trips.

So the main question I have right now is; what date will it take place on, and at what time. Sorry for having to ask all these questions, but at this point, I'd rather play it safe :\

*yawn* it's going on quarter to 7 right now though, so I should probably be getting to sleep.

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