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Karadur Inacu 

An Uncomfortable Sort of Night

So, I left myself a short list of everything that seemed strange or unusual about the walk home from work last night, and because those circumstances are still more or less interesting to think about, that'll make for a good place to start. Be sure to note first that when I say "strange or unusual", I mostly mean different than normal. I like familiarity, and it's not all too difficult to notice when things feel kind of off, but saying why is a different matter. Anyways, all things in the order that they happened are as follows:

a] To be completely proper, this started happening from the moment I started work, and not after I left for home. It was busy. Ridiculously so. Weekends up to this point have been somewhat busier than the rest of the week, which is obviously to be expected, but last night was something different. Maybe it's because for most of the shift I wanted nothing more than to do the same as Mary and Orlando and go outside to sit down for a bit, but did I get the chance? Of course not. Frankly though, it's kind of pathetic that I act that way. I work by myself in pretty much everything else, and typically don't rely on the manager(s) for guidance or help, so why am I so resistant to saying "I'm going to sit down for a couple minutes. Will you be alright until I get back?" There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I think even if I were to get that chance, I would use the respite to catch up on other quick things that I hadn't been able to before. It was busy last night though. More than normal.

b] When I walked home on Friday night (and / or Saturday morning), I actually beat Mary and Orlando to the intersection down at the far end of the street (St. Clair and Grand). Last night, however, I only made it to the second-last set of lights (near the flower place) before they passed me, but then once they got up to the aforementioned intersection, something mildly amusing happened. An OPP car (somebody driving an OPP car, to be proper) pulled out from the right toward the same intersection, but then the lights Mary and Orlando were facing turned green, so they drove off towards the bridge, and I watched as the OPP car turned in the same direction and seemingly followed after them. Kind of funny for that, but otherwise unusual, because I see normal police cars only once every couple walks or so, and very rarely (if ever) one of the OPP variety.

c] Continuing from the above, I kept on walking, and just as I was about to cross the same intersection, guess who (or what) came driving back in the other direction? That's right. An OPP car, which was quite possibly the same one as before. That time they just drove straight past me down St. Clair, so maybe that's the direction they were going to turn the first time. It would confirm some of the above if it was.

d] I stopped at 7-11 for a sub, long john, and roll of candies. Not that I knew I would get exactly those things when I walked in there, but as I walked up, I noticed two people standing in front of the other doors. One person was off to the side by the garbage can, and the other guy was pacing back and forth. As I got closer I noticed it was the same guy I usually see there, but it was no wonder I didn't recognize him before, because he was wearing a hat. Apparently just as we were made to start wearing gloves several months ago, they have to wear hats now, which is honestly pretty nonsensical. We don't want germs and all that getting on our pre-packaged food, right? Heavens no! As I was thinking to myself last night, unless my food actually tasted dirty or I became violently ill from eating it, I would almost certainly not complain. Obviously not everybody else is the same, but that is at least how I look at it. Anyways, hats are kind of silly in a convenience store, but what was odd about going there is how the guy who was working was outside having a smoke when I walked up. Not all too unusual there, but he asked if I would be a little bit, or if I was going straight to the counter, and I just told him I was getting a sub, at least, and went inside, thinking about that. Then when I selected my three items and placed them on the counter, he was several more seconds coming in himself, saying he didn't think I would be so quick, and that part is annoying. The apology was appreciated, in that it's something one is expected to give in those sorts of situations, but otherwise, it's kind of dumb. How do you say "I know the feeling, because I just had a really stressful night myself" without sounding dismissive though?

e] A cop driving a normal police car drove past me as I was crossing the bridge. The curious thing about that was how somebody else was crossing the bridge the other direction (coming towards me) and as they drove past him, he turned to look out over the river, and stayed that way until they were up at the lights. Then when we walked past each other he gave me a sort of odd look, but nothing happened, leaving me to continue on to...

f] Almost catch up to the same cop car, still waiting at the lights. They turned green before I made it right up to the intersection though, so they started to drive away, but stopped on the other side of the street, and backed up just the tiniest bit, as if they were going to wait for and ask me questions. But before I caught up to them once again, they accelerated a second time, and drove off around the corner. Normally I would expect that, and the looks on my face were definitely of the amused variety, but with everything else that seemed off or not entirely right, it just added to the list.

g] Finally, as I was walking past the police station, I heard shouts from across the street, over somewhere near Tim Hortons. It wouldn't surprise me if there were drunk people off that way being loud and obnoxious, because I'd also noticed several people get out of a cab across the street from the bank, but shouts at 4:30 in the morning are just as unusual as anything else. Thankfully, throughout the entire walk nothing happened to me, but every time a night like that comes around, I find myself somewhat on edge and feeling more apprehensive than normal. But since nothing's happened thus far. It could just be me. Who knows?

In regards to other things though, I beat Bass in Battle Network 3 by doing almost exactly the same thing as I did with Serenade. Boxing him into one corner, and then hitting him with everything I had without having to worry about my attacks missing. So he's gone, and I collected GigFldr1 just before calling it a night yesterday, so... what's left to do now? Time trials. Insufferable time trials, which I've not yet attempted for wanting to defeat the remaining V3 navis I need to unlock the rest of the security cubes scattered about. So, time trials and random boss battle-hunting. Then after that, Omega navis, trying to complete my library (I could work on the PAs today though), and defeating Alpha Omega to get one last chip, and then I'll have all seven stars. Up to three right now, which is considerable given that I haven't yet cheated (aside from getting 999,999 zenny, 9,999 bugfrags, and changing my style to WoodShdw, which might not be worth it anyways). Now if only these accomplishments were redeemable for some reward in real life. An empty feeling? Really not worth it, but doing something trivial is better than simply being bored.

What it is bad for, however, is writing things about. Just like there's no really good way to put a positive spin on telling people at 7-11 that you just want your things and will be out of their hair, there's no good way to write about being bored, so what else can I write about? Snow, I suppose. I wouldn't yet call this a snowstorm, but it is very much welcome, and might provide an excuse for going out to get two teas later. I did go to Tim Hortons before work yesterday night as well, but I want to go again, because it's comforting, and I can't allow this day to pass by without going outside for a bit. More than that I can't keep up this thoughtless typing that my past two entries have eventually led to as well, so I'm off to tidy up my room instead. That's one thing I didn't get to last night~

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