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Karadur Inacu 

This is Most Uplifting

I came home from work tonight and was immediately a little annoyed, because my laptop completely shut itself down while I was away. Not to install updates, because those were still waiting to be dealt with after I checked the power cord and turned it back on again (the laptop, that is), and the most informative thing I can find in Windows' Event Viewer says that the previous system shutdown was unexpected, but of course it wasn't. It's not supposed to randomly shut down, but it did, which would be more of a bother if this didn't also inform me that said shutdown occurred at 1:51am. Anyways, through restarting things as normal and such, I opened Firefox, and after everything had loaded again, took a look at my Twitter page, and saw this gem. The text is included below as well though, because I do so need to include it in this entry.

Nobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy!

So here I have a quandary. Is it acceptable to be intolerant of intolerance - should I try looking at this from other points of view too, or am I right in thinking that supposed-to-be-inspirational message is pretty stuck-up, snooty, and extremely unkind? Sure, if I were to stop taking it so seriously and apply it to, say, how things are during the summer when it's all hot and humid and makes me miserable, then they have a point. Nobody cares that I dislike the temperature, because they're almost certainly thinking the same things themselves, and it's a trivial matter to begin with. However, taken more seriously, I would respond to that by saying "Why should I put on a happy face? If they don't care that I'm miserable, then it's very likely that they won't care that I'm happy either". It's just... with all due respect to whoever is behind LoveableWords, as well as ShannonStJean since I never would have seen that message had she not decided to re-tweet it, I have been thoroughly morose and melancholy for quite a while now, and I KNOW that nobody cares as much as I would like to, yet even so, what gives those people or ANYBODY else the right to effectively tell me that I'm not getting anywhere by being miserable, so I might as well be happy? It's rude and extremely inconsiderate, but to twist this around into being at least a little bit good, my version of it would say something like "Instead of feeling miserable, try asking yourself if it helps your situation to feel that way." The idea is that, using my example above of summertime and humidity, being miserable about the heat doesn't help on its own, but in regards to more serious matters, such as the way I've been recently, feeling that way does help, because it means I'm not suppressing the way I feel as *coughs* other people apparently think I should.

Even if I take their side of it, the argument doesn't hold up. Maybe putting on a smile even when you're miserable really does work, but tell me, if you please, is it really being happy if you're just not thinking about why you were previously miserable? I would think happiness would follow overcoming that obstacle. You've won! You weathered the storm, so to speak, and didn't just run back home and hide under the covers until it went away! That is what happiness is, and the other thing is merely artificial. Sure, if it's all you have, then taking what you can get is to be expected, but dealing with your problems versus running away from them is the better thing to do in the long run, and to hell with anybody who would try to tell you differently. Nobody really cares if you're miserable, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't either.

I would write more, alas, it's quarter to 7 in the morning and I lost most of my coherency and ability to write back at 6, so this'll be it for now. Thankfully we don't go grocery shopping until ~8:30pm tomorrow, because I'm definitely looking forward to sleeping in, and also seeing what, if anything that this winter storm there's currently a watch for brings. Walking home was, as I said on Twitter, the closest to bliss out of everything this whole winter, but I will try to explain why tomorrow. Sleep and things would be better right now...

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