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Did I Even Have to get Up?

*sigh* last week, Michele specifically told me to call her each morning of the week to see if she wanted me to come in (to Heart and Stroke). Didn't call yesterday, because I wanted to just have a day to sleep for as long as I wanted, but now this morning, got up at 12, and promptly tried to call her. Where would she be though? Out for lunch. What time will she be getting back? Around 1, which is the same time I would start. Figures :p

So yeah. I figure volunteering this afternoon, and if not, just find something to keep busy with, then head up to Taco Bell around 9, to get my pay stub, and hopefully check the schedule. I'm pretty sure they have me on for 9 - close next Monday, which is a whopping 3 hours. 4 if we're there 'till 1. I'm not sure who's all on besides me, but if John's not working, I'll probably see if he can take that shift, and if not him, Steve. And even if neither of them can / want to cover that shift, I can always try asking Jessica, seeing as she's the one that took mine last night, because she was looking for more hours. Of course, questions are going to be asked about why I'm so suddenly trying to get that day off, but as far as they're concerned, I have plans to go to London that day.

Picked up Hotel Dusk: Room 215 from EB Games yesterday, and interestingly enough, while I was there, I asked if they'd had any luck with getting anymore Wiis in yet, and apparently they had some earlier on in the day. So close :x

And there we go. Michele just called, and apparently the back computer's available today, so I guess I'm going in :p


don't worry you'll get some yet ^^, it was only a week before i got my ps3. anyway tell me about hotel dusk: room 215 it any good?
Yeah, PS3s aren't extremely rare around here, from what I've seen. Last time we were at Wal-Mart, they had a couple of them (albeit only 20GB ones) and EB Games does as well, but Wiis are next to nonexistent :p

Can't say much about Hotel Dusk yet seeing as I've only played it for 10 minutes or so, which was about enough to get through the intro, and talk to the hotel owner. We're going out for supper in a couple minutes though, so I'll probably bring it along, then write a bit about it when I get home :)