Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Expenses, Expenses, and More Expenses

In step by step form, my being out of the house this afternoon went and cost me as follows:

5:30pm Finally leave the house, and walk up the street to the bank, to get a money order for $14.53. Cost: $14.53.
5:40pm Leave the bank, cross over the bridge, and stop in at 7-11 to purchase a stamp. Cost: unknown. Total cost: $15.00 to round it off.
5:50pm Head out and just up the street from 7-11 to H&R Block, sit down in a free chair, and wait.
6:10pm Still waiting.
6:20pm Oh, apparently I was supposed to sign in at the front desk. Way to go me. Good thing one of the people working there asked if I had signed in yet.
6:40pm This is taking an awfully long time. I could've gone up the street to work to see if Manoah had any money for me, and taken care of other things as well.
6:50pm Really? I have other things to do tonight... I should probably leave at 7 if they haven't called my name by then.
7:05pm Hey, it's finally my turn! Only an hour an ten minutes later. Now I can go sit in a different chair.
7:10pm That was quick, but costly. I think she said I'll be getting ~$500 back, but in the meantime... Cost: $85.88. Total cost: $100.88.
7:15pm No chance of going to Money Mart up the street, so I might as well just stop in at the one over by Via Rail, since I have to go to both places.
7:20pm I haven't been here in a while, but I need a round trip ticket to go to Union Station in Toronto on March 24th, and to come back on the 28th, please.
7:22pm Wait, what? Wow, going to Toronto is certainly alot more expensive than going to London. Cost: $137.86. Total cost: $238.74.
7:25pm Now off to Money Mart, to make sure things are ready for the 28th. Thankfully I know how much I'll be spending here. Cost: $50.00. Total cost: $288.74.
7:30pm I'm not sure how much I've spent altogether now, but am I quite done yet?... No, I don't think so. Getting a tea from Tim Hortons is most certainly in order...
7:50pm Hey, this place is quite packed. Good thing I'm listening to music and can't hear anybody who may be meowing or making other remarks in reference to me.
7:51pm Yes, I'd just like an extra-large apple cinnamon tea, black with both bags in. Cost: $1.72. Total cost: $290.46.
8:00pm Home again, where I can rest and relax and marvel at how sore the lower half of my body is simply from that extra bit of walking around. Curious.
8:40pm Ah, it is time to go get groceries now. This is going to be a nice full day to look back on, I would think.
8:50pm Why is it that I don't notice I've forgotten my wallet until it's too late? Oh well. I can buy the things I need at a later date.
9:00pm shiningray is an amazing song. Possibly even better than Just Be Friends, but only because I've listened to the other one so many times.
9:05pm サンドリヨン (Acid=Stone Valley Remix) is pretty catchy too, but to really enjoy it, you have to listen to what's going on in the background as well.
9:10pm No, shiningray is an epic song. How could anybody not like the refrain?
10:00pm Back home again, and I think instead of getting settled, I'm going to go out to 7-11, as it won't make much of a difference today. Cost: $10.51. Total cost: $300.97.
10:30pm I could go for a sandwich from Tim Hortons as well. With extra cheese though, since it's only 60 cents more. Cost: uncertain. Total cost: $307 to round it off again.
6:20am You know, I'm listening to this album enough that it makes sense to buy the actual CD, and Play-Asia has it for sale, so... Cost: $25.39. Total cost: $332.39.

Grand total: $332.39

Is it good? Bad? Particularly unusual? Not so much, but considering I was expecting to spend $250 at most today, I'm somewhat bemused at how far I was off. But writing an entry in this style was also quite fun. Trying to fit everything into one line (at least on my laptop's screen) wasn't so much, and I'm also miffed with how this snowstorm waited until 5:30am to start, because I was kind of looking forward to going out for a walk in it again. It's also 7:30 though, and I do have to work tomorrow, so this is it for tonight. As per usual, there are various other things I want to write about, such as a lady at H&R Block saying I was "looking unique", but not tonight. No no no, because returning to Heart and Stroke is now less than a week away, and I still need to get my sleeping pattern(s) somewhat back in order by then.

All in all though, today has been fun, and this is exactly what I meant about changing things before. Am I bouncing off the walls and feeling like I can do anything? No, but I am more content and level than before, because I'm doing what I want instead of what I think other people expect of me. Mind you, even that's not quite so cut-and dried, but that's all I have time to say for tonight~

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