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I Feel sort of Special Now

Yeah. I was planning on going to bed just now, but I remembered something I really wanted to write in here, and, well, let's just say I'm going to write everything that's on my mind, THEN hit the sack :P

I went into work tonight, got my name tag on, shirt tucked in and everything, and looked at the time, and it was still 10 to. I wandered around for a bit, then asked Shelia if she wanted me to clock in, and she said yes, and also that she had something for me. Right away I started worrying "what did I do now?" and stuff. Maybe I have a guilty conscience, and if I do, it's an overactive one :x So yeah. I clocked in, went to the back to write down all my shifts that were up on the board, and right as I was copying the last one down, Shelia comes out of the back office, and tells EVERYONE at the back to come up to the front for a bit, so now I'm thinking "what kind of a complaint did we get now?". So up at the front, Shelia says something about how they got a call, and Sarah and a couple other people on line go "Oh yeah", so now I was more thinking "we're all in deep **** aren't we".

Anyways, Shelia keeps going on about the call, and says something about it being a customer that phoned to let the shift manager know that they were very pleased with how I acted towards them on drive-through. Yeah. My thoughts instanly turned to "okay. that's good, but what now?". Long story short, everyone ended up clapping and cheering for me, and making me feel awfully embarassed, then Shelia handed me a little recognition card, which I started to pocket, then she told me she needed to take it back to the back and pin it to the board with the rest of them. Now I'm on the silly thing three times.

Once for doing an excellent job cleaning up the store (along with three other people), seeing as the auditor (the guy who has the power to close the store if he deems our upkeep of it to be substandard), twice for keeping up with the pace after 4 straight $300 hours (which I wrote an entry about some time ago), and the third time, which is what I just talked about.


As it turned out, the lady on the phone mentioned something about how she'd be coming back through the drive through that night, provided I was on it. I don't know whether to feel proud or scared about that. Guess what I ended up doing for the rest of the night. I don't know if that lady came through though, and even if she did, she didn't say anything :\

The funny thing is that this isn't the first time I've been told customers have phoned to pass word on about how polite and courteous I am. I'm not trying to be though. I act kind enough and such so as to get the orders out as fast as possible, in order to gain more time to get the dishes caught up, or whatever else. Oh well. I suppose I should be happy.

Still, tonight sucked more than it normally does, but less than it could've. See, not only did we wind up with a whopping two people to handle the brunt of the "OMG DINING ROOM IS CLOSED FLOCK TO DRIVETHROUGH" rush (Josh on line, me on drive-through), but right in the middle of the bar rush, we ran out of beef. There was none in the cabinet, or in the thermalizers. Let's just say the line of cars outside came to a standstill for close to 10 minutes. Glenda ended up doing the dishes that were at the back during the bar rush though, which really helped. After it was over, I was able to go directly to tidying up the area instead of having to do dishes first.

I'm back on 9-5 again tonight, and after looking at the handwashing sheet to see who was closing, it looks like it's going to be an interesting night. There are 5 people there until 3. One person leaves then, and another leaves at 4, leaving us with 3 people to close. That's not too bad, except that one of the people is still new to closing in general. Well, who really knows right now. Even though two of the people are scheduled to leave at 3 and 4, one of them might end up staying to actually close. There's no real way to tell right now though.

Also at work the other night, I caught the good bit of an interesting conversation. There's someone that works there, who's been made fun of by everyone there since they arrived, mostly because they didn't know WTF she was all about and stuff. So yeah, Monday night, the night manager walked back from the other end of line saying they found out something gossip-worthy about that employee. The other day, she'd come in with another person to eat, and they sat at the table all lovey-dovey. Whatever. Thing is, the other person was female as well. If you've got as dirty a mind as I do, you'd have put two and two together about three seconds ago :P I fail to see what's so attractive about two females going at it (let alone one, heh), but meh. If that's what they want, there's nothing to stop them.

The only other thing that's really on my mind is Mothers' Day. It's this Sunday, as I understand it, and my Dad's pestered us once about whether we're going to be doing anything for Mom. He said something about possibly each chipping in an amount of money, and taking her out for supper, and my first reaction to that was "hell no". Now though, that actually seems like a good idea. I just got paid close to $500, and even after $50 goes towards gas, I have plenty enough by myself to take her out to Kelseys or something.

I don't really want to do anything, but I'd feel like a moron if I didn't. I'd make a card for her, but I'm sure she's still got at least 4 others we've made for her through the years. I'd do up a "Happy Mothers' Day" thing on the computer, but there's not alot she could really get out of it. I'd just withdrawl some money from my bank account and give it to her, but that seems so cheap, no matter how much it is. It's like saying "I can't be bothered to actually do anything special for you, so here, have $x. Spend it however you want." Seriously though, I think that's what I'm going to do.

See, I've got today to go to the bank. Tomorrow, which is Sunday, it's closed, and I don't have a bank card, nor do I plan on getting one until we receive our money left to us by our Grandpa in his will. How much is too much though? I'm thinking $50, in a card of sorts (either made on the computer, by hand, or store bought). I can't very well take her out for supper, what with having to be at work for 7 that night either.

I should be getting to bed now though, as if I plan on hitting the bank later on today, it's going to be at least 3 by the time I wake up, and it closes at 6.

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