Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Way to Sleep In

I'm guessing it's half to do with that extra walking around yesterday, and the other half with how I was up until almost 8am, because I woke up around 3:30 this afternoon, sat up in bed for long enough to update things in uTorrent and think about what I wanted to do before work, followed by going downstairs to find that the only mail that had arrived was addressed to other people, so I came back up here again and laid back down in bed a second time. That lasted until about quarter after 5, at which point I still didn't really feel like getting up, and had nothing to be awake for anyways, so I rolled over, pulled my blankets in a little bit closer, and drifted back off to sleep until ten to 6 or so. Which isn't really bad, because as I just said, unlike yesterday, I have nothing terribly important to do this afternoon, aside from visiting Food Basics which I can just as easily do before work in a couple minutes, but it was nice, and I'll need it even more for after work tonight, because I do not intend to go right back to relaxing when I get home. Oh no. It is somebody's birthday tomorrow (a local somebody), and even if they haven't responded to my second message about them yet, I will still most definitely be making cookies when I get home, and attempting to drop those off probably first thing tomorrow afternoon. Of course, I'm a bit concerned about what I'm going to put them in for transport, because sensibility would dictate using a container that the recipient can keep, while I / we don't have any of those. But whatever. I can still bring a container of cookies over and say "You're welcome to take as many as you like, because I made them all for you."

Unfortunately, given that cookie-baking usually takes a couple hours when I make more than one batch (and that's exactly what I plan to do tonight, because I'd like to make some for myself as well), and assuming I get home from work exactly at, if not before 4am, I'll still be up until roughly the same time as last night. Sure, I could've taken care of this yesterday night, but given that I forgot to bring my wallet when we went grocery shopping, buying chocolate chips at Real Canadian Superstore wasn't exactly viable, and I didn't think of going out to Sobeys, although that probably would've worked. So no, I just have another full night in store, possibly even moreso considering I close with Manoah and James, and after my last shift with them, I'm definitely taking a different approach to things. James isn't a part of this yet, but where Manoah is concerned, if I end up seeming hostile and closed-off and like I don't want to talk, then those assumptions won't be too far off. If he really wants people to come to him when they have a problem with what he's doing, then I would be more than happy to oblige, but at the same time, I honestly don't know what is and isn't acceptable to complain about, even under those circumstances, and because it would be easier to keep my mouth shut and do my work in the meantime, that's exactly what I intend to do. Frustrating thing is how past experiences have shown that forced silence with the intent to make things go more smoothly tends to create even more tension once the other person asks why you're being so quiet, but he (Manoah) has me on his MSN list, and text is vastly easier to use compared to speech.

I need to leave now though, if I'm to go out to Food Basics before work, so hopefully it's a fairly decent night, and at least I shouldn't have to worry about getting tired. Unless it's from too much sleep, but I can't say I notice anything yet~

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