Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Really Dislike People (Again)

Just a quick question before I go off to make cookies: what makes people think further aggression is the key to solving an already tense situation? For example, where does this mentality that yelling back even louder at the person who's already angry with you will settle things come from?

It was shortly after 2 at work tonight that it started to get busy again, and apparently one or more certain customers waiting in line thought it would be a good idea to honk their horns. Dear people: if you think it's going to make us move any faster inside, you're quite wrong. If anything, we'll just find it annoying and be slightly less pleasant when you pull up to the window, and I'm sure the other people in line appreciate it, because they are waiting just like you are, but aren't honking in a feeble attempt to express your impatience. So anyways, people were honking, and then there were two vehicles whose occupants had three orders each. The first one paid, got their food, and drove off without incident, save for being honked at and having to wait for their change because I'd run out of quarters, and then the second pulled up, and I saw the driver looking up ahead of them in the driveway, with an annoyed look in his eyes. A short time later, who would come walking towards them but the driver of the first vehicle, looking quite pissed off and irritated. As I understand it, he thought the people in the second car were honking at them, whereas the driver of that car said it was somebody else entirely, so I'm not sure who or what to believe. Although the driver of the second vehicle after that was extremely quite and looked very solemn. Coincidence? Maybe? Anyways though, that's when the driver of the second vehicle started yelling at the driver of the first, to "get back in his [expletive] car" and "get out of his face" and such.

No! You, sir, fail at handling conflicts, and as punishment, I'm canceling all three of your orders, and sending you on your merry-but-hungry way. Or at least that's what I wish I could've said. I just stood there watching, as vehicle #1 driver slowly turned around and walked off, only to turn back around the other way a short time later, and resume the same exchanging of threats, except even angrier than before. That's about the time I heard the words "hockey stick" and looked into the second vehicle to indeed see a hockey stick, followed by everybody piling out, and me becoming very stressed and a little frantic thinking "Is this really going to lead to a fight in our drive through?" About that time I turned around and firmly instructed Manoah to call the police, and he in turn asked James to do that, because he was watching things unfolding outside, but before they (the police) arrived, things leveled off just enough for the occupants of vehicle #1 to get back into it and leave, and everybody else to get back into vehicle #2 and confirm that the money I had been given was meant to pay for all three orders. It was just after I finished doing that that the police showed up. Many groans and "Let's just get out of here" were heard as the driver and all but one passenger got out, presumably to explain things, so I gave all their food and drinks to the remaining girl who was looking more and more upset, and a short time later, I hear the driver say "Thank you!" followed by everybody getting back into the car, and going on their merry way.

Not to be outdone was another exceedingly impatient lady who started to order before I even had a chance to ask what they wanted. Meanwhile the customer at the window had a $50 order, so after a short while, she (impatient lady) came storming up to the window demanding to know what the holdup was, but one of the passengers in the back seat said "Get back in your car, lady!", and shortly thereafter revealed that she knew the woman who was being impatient, thereby defusing that situation. But even so, I frankly don't care, impatient lady. This is supposed to be a fast food place, yes, but if you want food at 2:30 in the morning and you want it now now NOW, I suggest you either go up the street to the gas station, or down the street to 7-11. You'll doubtfully find many other people there, so you can get what you want, pay, and go back to your oh-so-busy life. Until then, your patience is appreciated, and it's really the least we can ask for.

With that being said, it is time to go make cookies. Maybe I can be done by 7am. 8 at latest, and I have tomorrow off, so it'll work out in the end~

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