Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Will Never Wear a Coat

Even my dreams are getting in on it now, which reminds me of one other thing from a couple nights ago. The end of this, to be specific, which is something I've heard way too many times to count, from more people than I can count too. In order to set the record straight once again, go back a couple entries to the one where I said "I am a snow leopard in the way I think and act and feel", and this particular case is one that involves feeling. Was it cold outside on Saturday night? A little, yes, but to me, those conditions are what other, more normal people would consider jacket weather during Spring - it's not necessary as long as you're doing more than tiptoeing around outside, and becomes more of a nuisance during any moderately-paced walk. I went to Subway for supper the same night, as noted in my previous entry, then went down the side street next to Park Ave, at the end of which was that staircase leading down to the underpass, which was fun to step down because I've only ever walked past it before, and by the time I got up to the other side of it (the underpass), I could feel the heat radiating out from my body. Of course, it also helps somewhat in that no matter how cold it is, stepping inside for a couple minutes, at, say, Tim Hortons, or Subway, or 7-11 will keep me warm and cozy for at least ten to fifteen minutes once I go outside again. Aside from the odd nights where I feel off and out of it, and am all clammy and cold for hours after I get home, but those usually indicate some form of illness, as I can take a bath or have a shower, and still be cold afterwards, not to heat up again until a couple hours after that. Otherwise, I do not need a coat, and I do not want a coat, because I am a snow leopard, in spirit at least, and apparently have a much higher resistance for / tolerance to that weather than other people. Not to say I still dislike hearing things like that, because they're only ever said in fun, and hearing that Rob (Munedust's husband) liked going out to walk around in the cold, but even he wouldn't go out that night, and thinking to myself "Really? I'm being completely serious when I say it's nice out there" was fun as well.

As for where the dreams part of this comes in, one of them involved Adam, and the other Naomi, and had them coming at the coat I was wearing with cable cutters on the end of pruning shear handles, once because the zipper was stuck, and the other time because the coat had suddenly become quite tight, and I couldn't get it off. Yeah. Christmas played some sort of part in it too, as did having extended family down for the holidays, but then I also distinctly remember feeling as if I was alone with Adam and Naomi for it too. Sure, dreams aren't supposed to make logical sense, but to go from Mom and Dad driving up to enjoy celebrations with everybody else, to Adam, Naomi and I being there with them, to the three of us being back at home on our own again, to finally Mom and Dad getting back with everybody else in tow, to prepare for the celebrations that they had gone off at the beginning of the dream to partake in was pretty disjointed. Thankfully it was otherwise an uneventful sleep though, unlike what happened on Saturday night, but things stayed roughly where they were when I first woke up, instead of becoming good again. Suffice it to say I sent a message to the person I bought those two camera batteries from back in January earlier, to point out that they had been shipped at the end of that month, and it's now the end of February, with no sign of them. I'm willing to accept that they could just be really delayed due to the several snowstorms recently, but without hearing otherwise from them would wait until Friday to see if they show up, but otherwise wanted to know what they could do or say. Ideally they would send out two more batteries, and if I ended up getting four in total, I'd mail the extras back to them, but that depends on how they respond. Slightly annoying in a way, but writing about that has helped me to remember another bit of the dream mentioned above, this time related to the batteries. As short as it is, the one battery that I have now, when inserted into the camera, had some thirty-four days of charge left. I only wish I had such a battery, because then the only concern would be storage space, but I'll have to make do with what I have and am expecting for now.

I don't think there's much else to write about for now though, so my first task for tonight is going to be finishing organizing my desktop, since I organized it before going to bed, but didn't do anything else with the files, so I might as well finish that now. Oh, and on a random note to end this Doctor Who progress is up to about 62 or 63%. It was doing better earlier, but with luck I'll be entering the "home stretch" by Wednesday, which gives another five days at most for things to finish up. Just maybe...

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