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Karadur Inacu 

It's Nice to Help Out Again

That was altogether a mostly decent afternoon, but I do have one problem with the way things went, being that I hope not all of the other days I go there will be like this one was. Well, before I go into why, is it just me? It it specific to how I feel and think that makes it pointless for all of these people to say hi just because I haven't seen them in seven months, rather than eight? I did say hi to Linda after she did the same, but that's because I know her from outside of Heart and Stroke, and otherwise, is it just me to find it slightly annoying for them to unexpectedly nudge me to get my attention to do the above? I honestly mean it when I say that's irksome, because I'll feel perfectly fine and normal up to that point, then somebody will tap / nudge me on my back, let's say, and while I can't think of quite the proper way to describe this, the sensation of them touching me will remain until I reach up to scratch that spot / "wipe off" their touch. This is a bit of my behavior that has been present since before I commissioned the person I've been talking to over the past couple days for a story wherein I was portrayed roughly the same way, but that I always thought of as being more or less normal, or something more related to being obsessive-compulsive and such. At any rate, yes, people were doing that all afternoon, although I can excuse Michele and Kit, because they both needed my attention to inform me of something else regarding the work I was doing.

Today, and for the foreseeable future, that was as follows: pull the receipt book tally sheet out of the same-numbered envelope it was in, search for the receipt number in Salesforce (which was difficult at first, because it kept returning an error unless I actually clicked the "Search" button, until it had a chance to warm up, which should be absolutely unnecessary, but I digress), go down the tally sheet copying amounts raised from there, and marking other receipts void as indicated, possibly selecting the proper route for each receipt when that wasn't done automatically (made more difficult by having to go into one of the side offices to find the actual receipt book and get the routes from there), then click the "Reconcile" button, and move onto the next envelope / tally sheet. Not all too difficult, and I was able to finish one whole pile before I left, so that's a decent start. Next time I'm required is on Tuesday, possibly Wednesday and Thursday after that as long as I don't work supper shifts then and can drag myself out of bed at 1 in the afternoon, then once March Break comes, Michele is going away for a couple weeks, meaning that I have until April off. I'd consider that decent altogether, but speaking of Michele, one of the first things she said to me today is worth further mention.

Aside from saying hi when I first walked in, she quickly admonished me to go back into bathroom and tuck away the offending parts of my person, because Janice had just gone out. Pardon me, but am I supposed to be afraid of Janice? She took issue with me at the Christmas party, which I still think she was in the wrong to do, and in regards to being seen in the office as I normally am anywhere else (except for work, but I have a specific uniform to wear there), what about their coats? Or hats? Or gloves? Or scarves? Hell, Kit was wearing a bloody (not literally, although it was red) cape around the place, with a cardboard heart at the front with "P2P Kit" written on it! Now, I can see how that's relevant, but going back to the previous, years past people have frequently stopped in to take care of some quick task or talk to somebody else without changing into more appropriate office wear, and if they can, then so will I. Just as I go from the "Employees Only" door at work to the staff bathroom in my normal attire without anybody complaining, Janice and whomever else might take issue with it should have no reason to, say, force me to make myself proper (by their standards) outside, before I walk into the office, even through the back door. So from now on I'll go in through the front entrance, and head straight back to the bathroom. I'd like to see what Michele and / or Janice have to say then.

Interestingly, this reminds me of a night back when I was in London, where Cola, Madius, Deramin (I'm pretty sure he was there) and I were on our way out to supper before they took me to the train station so I could be on my way home again. I'm pretty sure we ended up going to Kelsey's, but if not, I can only remember that it was out by a Walmart, because we went browsing there for a bit afterward, but along the way (while driving) a sushi place was pointed out, and eventually decided against, which was a relief to me because I've never eaten sushi before in my life and wouldn't know what to order, let alone what I would enjoy, and shortly after that, we drove past another restaurant which was suggested, but decided against too because they had a dress code, which none of us met. Or how about back at MFF (or to be proper, a day and a bit before the con actually started)? There I was, in the city at which my first-ever furry convention was being held, with the same guy who invited me to stay at his place in London for a couple days to "let the furriness out", then we went to McDonalds, and I was immediately asked to leave my tail in the car. Meanwhile, I went there for several meals on my own, with my paws, ears, and tail, and nary and unkind word was said, that I can recall. I just don't get it - other people, especially - which is why I feel I don't fit here. Not necessarily not in this world at all, but rather in amongst most of this world's population. It's like saying "Do what you want, but only when we let you", which is fine in circumstances where whatever it is I'm doing would put me and whoever else was with me at great risk of any sort of injury. Maybe I'm just as bad, because I'm essentially telling other people "Do whatever you want, but don't encroach into my space" which is an obvious contradiction, but getting back to Heart and Stroke in a different place than where I left off, there were also lots of snacks today. Cupcakes, fruits and vegetables (or at least vegetables, but I imagine there were fruits there too), brownies and nanaimo bars, a big paper carton of coffee or some other beverage that expired at 3pm, bottles of water, and, most importantly, pizza, which was ordered for the people who were staying past 5, and are still there now (until 9:00), but as I was there finishing up the last bits of my work followed by putting all of the receipt book tally sheets in numerical order, I was invited to have some as well, so I did. And that was nice <3 I think under the proper circumstances I might do what the rest of them did too - go there at 2pm, and stay until 9. Probably take a break at 5 to go down to Tim Hortons, of course, but that'd actually be quite fun. There probably wouldn't be as many snacks as there were today, but it's something to think about...

Since I have tonight off though, I think I'll end this here, and work on cleaning things in uTorrent up somewhat again. I should be able to get it down to having only one or two torrents downloading, and two or three seeding, which would be much better, and I need to save some things to write about later~

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