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Fonts Make All the Difference

I think if there's one thing I miss most about Windows XP, it's that such a program doesn't exist, or I haven't yet found an equivalent to Styler that works in Windows 7. Sure, it had some problems working alongside Firefox 2, but being able to change any or all of the fonts used by a particular visual style from within the same program used to apply the styles was quite a convenience, whereas now I can apply whichever theme I choose without having a separate program installed, but the only one I can find to change the fonts costs a little over $20. I should probably try to be happy with what I have and stop being so particular about the details though, lest I end up spending even more money on something I don't need. But thus far tonight I've gone from doing a couple more things with the new theme I'm working on for my LiveJournal here to obsessing over how one visual style had the progress bars that I wanted, but the other had the fonts and Explorer buttons, to finally setting that aside and deciding my desktop looked a mess, then realizing what time it was, suddenly becoming tired, and wanting to write this before I fall asleep. Possibly a little early tonight, what with having woken up early and working a supper shift tomorrow, but we'll see.

Until that happens, it's interesting, for one, to note how much more time I've seemed to have today. Without looking at the clock earlier, I would've said it was around 1 or 1:30, because that's how much time I felt had passed since I woke up, but if I looked at the clock (which I did), I would have seen that it was only 11:30. I realize that's to be expected of today, but even now, I'm starting to get tired, which in my mind means it must be getting close to 6, yet it's still a couple minutes before 4:30. That's really not terribly interesting though, but as it's related to time, I sent Michele the following two emails earlier tonight, regarding what I was thinking about at the end of my previous entry:

Since staying a bit later this afternoon to organize those receipt book tally sheets (or whatever the proper name is for them) was kind of fun and new, I am willing - just one day a week for now, and provided it works out with however many other people may be there, since there would need to be a computer not already in use - to do the same thing as what I was doing today, or whatever else may be required, if it helps.

The only consideration I would ask for is allowing me to head out at 5 to get a snack from Tim Hortons or 7-11, assuming food wasn't provided as it was today. That way I'd get back to my work at 6 at latest, and get in six hours that day instead of just three.

I thought I might as well make the offer, so forgive me if I'm being preemptive or anything. I'll see you on the 8th (provided you're there) either way~

That was the first one, which I went back to read again several hours after I sent it, and noticed an unfortunate lack of detail, which was remedied with this message:

Help out from 2 - 9 instead of 2 - 5 that is. If it's a "same difference" type situation between coming in for three hours two or three days a week, and coming in once for six or seven, and the other for three *shrug*

Obviously she hasn't responded yet, but I would like to do that, and it makes sense, setting aside how many other people would be in the office after 5. I'd rather go in two days and still do nine, possibly ten hours of work, than go in all three and probably not get a day off from both work and helping out there, and still work the same (lower) amount of hours. I would rather avoid Ruth and Jacques after their comments today though. He (Jacques) asked where my old ears had gone, then made some comment I didn't hear all of about how I must have "changed", and then Ruth giggled a bit and said "It just looks silly!" I'm kind of in a quandary about whether or not it's right of me to be annoyed at them for that though. If it had been anybody else on my way out to work or on the way home, I probably would've shrugged it off, but them? Well, I actually know what it is. I find it annoying when people are nice and amicable when we're all busy working on our assigned tasks, but adopt a far more informal attitude when we take a break. Maybe you think I'm silly regardless of what I'm doing, but if so, please don't try to hide that. We'll get along much better if you're honest and don't try to hide things from the get-go. Now, just so I don't sound like a hypocrite, I'm aware that I've been just as bad dealing with various people in the past, but I realize how and why it's wrong, and am actively working to change that. It's one of the reasons I've been alot more brusque at work lately, and probably so in my private life too, but I interact with far fewer people there than I do at work. Not that it matters a whole lot, because now I'll simply pay less attention to anything they say, but on a whole, I'm very much willing to stay there until 9 at least one night a week to get my work done faster, as long as I can go out for or get something to eat at 5, but some of the evening volunteers are a little less than likable.

I should probably finish up organizing my desktop now though, and then be off to bed. Tomorrow afternoon will probably come much too quickly, and I'd like to make the most of being able to sleep in an extra hour, unlike today~

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