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The Last Piece to the Puzzle

Yeah, it's a really cliché title. Don't look at me~

So, went to Taco Bell a couple hours ago now, and promptly got asked if I wanted to come in to work. Told Ange "not really", and that was that. Ordered some food, then Glenda got me my pay stub out of the safe, then I asked if I was allowed to quickly run back to take a look at the schedule. She said yes, so I went back to take a look at it. As suspected, I do work 9 - close this Monday night, and I wasn't able to find anyone to cover that shift.

However, I do have next Monday off, as well as Tuesday, so I borrowed Steve's pen, and wrote "NO" in both of them. So I have the 12th off, and they can't call me in, so that'll be our day, I guess :3

Now that just leaves me to figure out some "safe" way to tell Mom and Dad that I'll be gone. If it's alright with you, squnq, I figure whenever you show up, we can just tell them that we'll be gone to London for the day. I know it's not something I should be relying on you for, but I imagine it'd set their minds at ease to at least meet one of the people I'm going with. Until that time though, I'll probably just wait for a good moment, and then tell them I'll be gone for most of the day on the 12th.

I know I started out saying that I wasn't planning to tell them anything, but just disappearing with no word whatsoever as to where I'd gone would cause them quite a bit of worry.

And as for the rest of the day, did three more areas for P2P receipting at Heart and Stroke, then we went out for supper to Kelseys, then came back home, and did random stuff on the computer downstairs 'till Dad called to be picked up from work.

Played a little more Hotel Dusk, and it's still off to a ridiculously slow start, but that's probably just me not sitting down to play it for long enough :x For now though, I think I'm gonna play some more Justice for All. Haven't even started the second case on that yet, so it's about time I did :p

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