Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

An Extra 30 Minutes Won't Hurt

I'm glad some part of me knows what's going on, at least. Just after I set my alarm last night I canceled the timer to make sure the sound I'd chosen was loud enough, to find that it was actually much too loud, so I turned the volume down some, and tested it a couple more times to make sure it was loud enough to wake me up but not so loud as to be obnoxious, and... put my laptop down and got comfortable and cozy under the covers without clicking the big "SET ALARM" button again. It's okay though, because I reached a point of not being able to sleep any longer at 2:30 (I probably could've, but it felt later than last time I had woken up, so I figured I should check my clock), and here I am right now. There's nothing too interesting to take note of today, as I haven't received anything in the mail, have not yet gotten a response from Michele regarding the suggestion I made yesterday, nor have I heard from either of the other two people I'm expecting to, and now that Doctor Who is all finished downloading, I can't look forward to seeing how much more was downloaded since "last night" and get excited about that. I did get two other emails today, one from Nintendo about Pokémon Black and White and the 3DS which really isn't anything new, and then a second from LiveJournal which is a bit more interesting, to say that somebody had left a comment to this entry.

Setting aside that I've already responded to it, there are a couple additional points of interest there. Number one, I like how that skips back past all of my recent entries about not wanting other people to apply labels to me, or otherwise make definite statements on my behalf. Sure, they're somewhat unpleasant, and I can see most, if not all other people thinking "Seriously, you're not done with this guy and over it yet?", and the answer is a firm "No". For the amount of problems I eventually had with that other person, and their lack of telling me exactly what they would like me to do on the two separate occasions that I asked, I think I'm well entitled to want to patch things up as best as possible, and explain why I don't want him to tell other people things about me without asking permission first, now or at any point in the future. I've screwed things up with enough other people in the past, it's about time I started taking responsibility and, in cases like this, work to achieve something that benefits both of us. Getting back to that comment though, it skips past all of those other entries, which is just slightly amusing. The other bit of interest is how she said I could sell them. Unless she's just being polite, that's the same thing I've been told at least one other time in the past, but thus far I have sold $14 cookies for the exorbitantly (but fair considering they were homemade) high price of $10, and a cake that I very well could've made for her instead, if baking an entire birthday cake wouldn't have been overkill, which went to Orlando's sister, I believe, for $30. So I have sort of already done that, but as for any more in the future, it depends mostly upon other people saying "I really liked those cookies you shared with us! Would you be willing to make more for me if I paid you?" It could be as simple as this 2 - 9 one day / afternoon / evening at Heart and Stroke thing working out, and bringing some of those in to share, so if that does work, I think that's exactly what I'll do <3

In other news, I can't remember what I was going to say next. Fascinating, right? Nothing came in the mail today, I've at long-last received an actual comment to one of my entries here instead of those oddly supportive spam messages ("Thank you for the great information! I would not have discovered this otherwise!" in an entry where almost all the information posted was of personal interest), I was actually thinking about making more cookies last night but got sidetracked with my LiveJournal theme and trying to Reshack a certain visual style to use a different font, and am thinking about going to Subway for supper tonight because I tried ordering my sandwiches on flatbread, incidentally back on the same night I gave Munedust her birthday cookies, they were pretty decent, and since I'm done at 10 tonight I'd like to do something else special. Aside from asking Manoah if he wants a drink from Tim Hortons, of course, because he got a green tea for me last time we closed, and that was nice. Then as for tomorrow, I wonder if Nicole has found somebody to cover her shift yet. Back on Wednesday night, she asked if I would be interested in starting at 4 instead of 8 on Saturday, and I declined at first, because I was still out of it with how I was feeling, explaining that I normally didn't wake up until 3. Now, however, I would find it a fun challenge to start at 4 in the afternoon and work straight through until about 4 in the morning. I haven't done that in a long time, and do I have anything else to do tomorrow? No, not really. So I'll ask about that when I get there this afternoon. I think I'll leave right now, actually, because it's almost 3:50, and I think I would like a peppermint tea today in hopes that it helps get rid of this slight headache. With luck, anyways~

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