Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Have A Problem

A curious sort of problem, to be sure, but here's what's happened thus far: on Thursday afternoon, I went to Heart and Stroke and ended up being there until almost 6:00, thanks to wanting to organize the papers I had been working with, and joining the other evening volunteers for a couple pieces of pizza afterward. "That was different and fun" and "I could see putting in a full day's work there every now and then if it means getting my work done faster", I thought to myself, so once I got home, and when I remembered after that, I emailed Michele about the idea. That's all for Thursday, so let's move ahead to Friday now, which is when she didn't respond until a couple minutes before 5, and thus I didn't see that she had responded until I got home from work, which was about an hour and a half later than it should've been, because Manoah asked me to stay until 11 to close the dining room. The preview of her reply read something like "If I'm reading this correctly, you want to come in for a full day, and that's fine. I'll...", and even though about sixteen hours have passed since I saw that, I still haven't read the full message.

First of all though, I think this new idea could work out. Assuming the most I can help out one week right now is from 2-5, Tuesday through Thursday, that equals nine hours. My new proposition, however, would change that to helping out only two days a week, alternating days per week like so: assuming this started next week, I would stay until 9 on Tuesday, take Wednesday off, and be in again from 2-5 on Thursday, since we have to go grocery shopping that day too. The week after that, however, I would only be there from 2-5 on Tuesday, and from 2-9 on Thursday, still taking Wednesday off, or going in if I think it will make a difference. That way I get nine, if not ten hours a week in two days instead of three, and have the option of doing even more work for three hours on Wednesday, or taking that off to relax. The problem here, and the problem mentioned in the title of this entry is having not read her full response yet, because I'm not used to asking, or even demanding, and getting what I want. Oh, sure, if I were to go to Tim Hortons before work tonight and ask for something, I would expect exactly what I asked for, but that's because Tim Hortons, and pretty much all other fast food places are built on that premise. In other cases where that is not explicitly guaranteed, however - such as with commissions as well - getting something that I ask for carries a decidedly different feeling, which is one that most often keeps me from responding to the other person in anything even remotely resembling a timely manner, because I've yet to find some quick, easy way to overcome that. So I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but it feels like a strange way to think and feel at any rate.

On a loosely related note, I also dislike people who speak on my behalf, but that requires a more specific example. Going back to all of those entries with cuts containing correspondence between somebody else and I, I've recently also found out that they've told at least one other person that I commissioned another story as a continuation to Prized Possession, and am moderately annoyed with them because of that right now. I didn't give him permission to say anything about it, and why? Because for the moment, 90% of the story exists entirely in my mind. I want to commission a continuation from somebody, and have paid a different author for it, but have they responded? Once, and even that was a long time ago. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that I've commissioned a continuation, but am I going to fuss about that and go through all of the comments they left regarding me to make sure I approve of them? No. Or at least not for a very long while. Trying to hold other people to my standards when they don't care about them to begin with is nigh-on impossible, and expecting other people to care quite so much about details and not leaving anything open to interpretation that shouldn't be is equally difficult, because they're more likely to shrug me off on the grounds that I'm being too particular. Such as how there's a glaring oversight with the comment about whether I am or am not autistic and what "Hollow" means to me. I've explained the new issue to this other person, because it is something that takes away from what they were trying to say (the comment as it is now, with their added bit which says "Karadur asked me to say this" makes it sound like I both consider being Hollow to be the same as being autistic, and that I want exactly what it is to remain ambiguous in my story), but they haven't yet responded, and if they don't, then I'll just assume they're happy with how it's worded now, and be content myself knowing that I tried.

I am hungry this morning, for the first time in quite a while though, so I think it's time for some cereal, instead of just another can of pop, and after that, finishing up my desktop organization. I did most of that last night, but now, as per usual, files just have to be copied to their respective external hard drives, which I can easily have done before I leave for work. George closes tonight as well, and it's Saturday, so that should be somewhat different. Hopefully not too much longer, because there are some new procedures which we're expected to follow at the end of the night now, but yes, if those end up concerning me tonight (I don't yet know what I'll be on), I'll worry about them then~

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