Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

An Unexpected but Welcome Surprise

Funny how everything mostly works out in the end. I know I said I wasn't going to mention it again until the night before after yesterday, but the biggest concern remaining in regards to this trip for me is / was money. Getting paid this week had given me enough that I should've not had to worry about it, especially because I leave on our next pay date, and thus will have to be sure to give Mom gas and grocery money before I go, but otherwise the rest is for me, and then today, well, I still have to go to the bank later, but things should be well and good again by the next time I sit down and relax. You see, up until I stopped in at the bank on the way to work yesterday night, I had ~$450. Then I withdrew $220 for Mom and Dad, sending me down to $230, but at work quickly learned that I'd be getting paid ~$500, giving me $730 instead. Then just a few minutes ago I woke up, wandered downstairs into the kitchen, and found an official government-type envelope on the counter for me, with a check inside for exactly $509.76. Oh, sure, that amount is probably quite paltry compared to what other people got themselves, but I'm not concerned with other people about money. For me that means I now have $272.90 above my minimum again, and shouldn't have any problems with using most or all of that $72.90 for myself over the next two weeks, which then gives me $200 for this trip. Although I still would like about a hundred more than that, because as mentioned in my previous entry, things will be baked there, and instead of trying to bring all the ingredients from home, I'd rather procure those from going grocery shopping there. The rest is fun though. Earlier this month I was worried that I wouldn't even have $500 in my checking account by the time I left, and now I have a little more than double. I like how that worked out.

I do have a second reason to be slightly more chagrined, however, being that I contacted the person whom my longest-outstanding commission is in progress with last night, to say "If I haven't heard from you by the end of the month, I'm going to leave neutral feedback for you, with a 6 out of 10 rating, since that's fair. This isn't a threat, and I'm not trying to coerce you over here, but I'd like to know that I've done everything I can in the way of moving things along, and I'm pretty sure feedback is the only remaining loose end". Reading that again right now, it sounds fair too. I didn't go off on a long-winded explanation of how even if she has well beyond due cause to have been absent for seven months, it's not fair for her to not let me know when I can expect some amount of progress, and unlike what I've done with other people in the past, I didn't tell her "Please don't worry about the delay! Just get back to me whenever you can, and all will be well again!" only to eventually moan and complain about how long the other person was taking in here. So with all of that in mind, why is it that waking up from my half-asleep state at 7:30 (yet again, two cans of pop and a tea upon coming home from work is not a good idea) and opening my laptop to see that she had responded filled me with legitimate panic? I immediately started wishing that I'd left well enough alone and hadn't said anything, and really seriously started to wonder if I was just dreaming, because for a few moments it felt like I was, but no, if I switch over to that tab now, there's one new message in my inbox, and I can't wait to read what it says. I'm serious when I say that I try to be easy to get along with though. If she told me "I'm afraid I won't have time to work on your charms until next month", I would wait patiently without bothering her again until April 10th. Unfortunately, everybody I've worked with in the past has seemed to miss that little detail, or completed what I paid them for in a reasonable amount of time. Maybe I'll read that reply while I'm at Heart and Stroke, but either way, it might give me something to write an entry about when we get home from grocery shopping.

The only other things I can think to mention right now are that my dreams are still being weird, and that's about it. One of the nicer ones I had before waking up at 1 had me waking up at 10:30 (in the dream), feeling wide awake, and going downstairs to the kitchen and sitting down at the table to eat some cereal. It was a short time after that that I started to feel extremely tired again, causing me to decide that maybe I wasn't ready to be awake for the entire day yet, so I went back upstairs and laid down in bed again, and let me say that there is nothing nicer than being comfortably asleep in real life, and slowly nodding off in a dream as well. I still haven't felt anything close to the one time it happened when I was younger though. That was pure, intensely deep relaxation, whereas last night I felt the deep, soothing feeling in my chest once again, but it felt, in as literal a sense as works for this, too rough around the edges. Once again, that's probably due to drinking two cans of pop upon getting home from work. Anyways though, it's time I was on my way to Heart and Stroke. Just have to take a peek at this email first, since that'll give me something to think about while I'm there.

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