Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is Just a Good Day

Or rather it was. Why'd you (whoever did it) have to go and change the banner image? The one with the chickadee was nice and easy on the eyes, and this is... garish and quite hard to look at. I didn't vote on which one I liked best though, so I have little reason to complain, but even so, that has at least given me reason to find a way to change it back. Quick and easily done through userContent.css, of course, but it works, and that's all that matters

Anyways, even though it's quite near being over now, what makes, or what has made today good? The following things:

a] Getting my tax return in the mail
b] Having the balance in my checking account 200-and-some dollars over my self-imposed limit
c] Finishing up my current assignment at Heart and Stroke, on my last day until April
d] Buying everything I wanted to at Real Canadian Superstore, including four more cases of Pepsi, since they were on sale again
e] Having pizza for supper
f] The possibility of it snowing later tonight, because if it does, I'm definitely going out to you-know-where

On the other hand, one thing that could be seen as bad is the email mentioned in my previous entry. It's not actually bad, but the artist said they'd refund my $12 sometime after the 15th, and were otherwise sorry about the wait and lack of communication again. Apparently they've had quite a month, not to mention the seven others before it, which is just kind of... okay. I did somewhat curtly correct them about the amount, saying that the two items I'd paid them for were $7 and $5, with $2 for shipping, and an extra dollar thrown in to cover Paypal's fees though. I feel kind of bad for it too, because if they've been having a rough time for whatever reason(s), then I doubt they'd take very kindly to somebody fussing over three dollars, but three dollars is three dollars. Although to be proper, I should've asked for $14, because it was my choice to cover the fees when I sent them the money. They're under no obligation to do the same in return. Especially considering I probably have close to a dollar in change in my pocket as is. It comes in handy at Tim Hortons, and as I go there almost daily, it doesn't make sense to take out when I get home at night.

I just overheard Naomi say it's snowing though, so that's good. I need to have a shower and shave before I do anything else, however, so perhaps I'll do that now, and see what the weather is like afterward, mostly because I don't have any interest in going out yet, even if it is snowing. I can work on cleaning my room up and maybe actually vacuum the floor now that the vacuum should be working again, and then probably play Megaman Starforce 3 since I started a new game in / on Red Joker a couple days ago. And forget that nonsense about there being other people who are actually doing things with their time. Going back 24 hours, I was at work, so coming back to the present, this is a day off, and even on my day off, I've gone in to Heart and Stroke and finished what Michele had me start on when I went in there a week ago, so I do deserve a night to kick back and relax. Just a couple things to do first~

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