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Random Topics

Now this is much better. The past couple nights, I've been tired to the point of falling asleep starting around 8, then I managed to stay awake a bit longer by going upstairs to my room and doing whatever. Right now, it's almost 2:30 in the morning, and I'm only thinking of going upstairs 'cause I'm getting bored down here. Yay random facts :D

So, Adam ordered pizza earlier tonight, from Pizza Hut, with that special crust that's meant to be pulled apart and eaten. Absolutely. Disgusting. I took two slices. Choked the first one down, including the crust, but couldn't manage the second. I really can't place what it tasted like, but just as an off guess, it seemed extremely (extremely) buttery. Yuck. He didn't like it either though, so I don't know. That could mean there's a slight chance something was wrong with whatever they use to make it.

Next topic: just finished "Reunion, and Tournabout" on Justice for All. Ini Miney? What a horrible name. Better than the ones in the Battle Network series on the GBA though :p There is one thing that bugs me about the game, however. Whenever you present the proper piece of evidence, the music stops playing. If you present the wrong thing, however, the music continues playing. Couple that with being able to save / load at practically any time, and playing through each and every case can simply be dulled down to presenting every piece of evidence for everything the witness has to say. Of course, that would be incredibly time consuming, but still...

And finally, we have a cat that looks exactly like this. Found that picture earlier, and brought my laptop upstairs to show to Mom and Naomi, and they both agreed as well. Then Mom requested I print a copy of it :s Minus the "I'M IN UR LAUNDROMAT" text, of course.

And yes. Now I'm going to bed, or at least upstairs to get tired enough to. I feel as if I'm making an idiot of myself right now, so I shall stop :x


That kitty is so cute, good to hear you got one.
Yeah, we got her (as far as we know, at least) from a friend of my Dad some time back, because they couldn't afford to take care of her. Still haven't decided on a name, but Adam's taken to calling her "Fox" (but then again, he also calls our other cats "Verne" and "Smokestack" so you be the judge :p), and everyone seems to be getting used to it, so who knows?...

It is a rather ironic name in a sense though :s