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At Least I Predicted This

To voice (or type out, rather) the foremost thought on my mind right now, my, it is amazing how tired a shower and bath makes me. I've been feeling alert enough for the rest of the day, and then I go into the bathroom, wash my hair and lay down in the tub for a little while, and now I'm nearly exhausted. Or maybe it's that trip to 7-11 and Tim Hortons earlier that is actually at fault. Happened once earlier tonight already, where around 11pm I just couldn't help myself putting my head down on my pillow for a bit, because I'd eaten a moderate-sized supper (noodles with fried mushrooms and gravy, just like before), so I laid down, still listening to the show I that was playing on my laptop, and the next thing I knew I was having a dream about opening Pidgin to see Dan Skunk online, sending him a message saying "Riiiiight *hugs*", then waking up, checking Pidgin, and coincidentally seeing him online in real life, even though he had been off doing other things for the rest of the day. We then chatted for a bit, and after a time he went off to do other things again, leaving me to do the same, which eventually led to going out to the two places mentioned above. Nothing too remarkable there, but the rest of the day... Where do I start?

How about my entire body being so stiff it felt like I was tiptoeing to work earlier. I was still walking faster than other people, as evidenced by passing a couple, but compared to my great strides which took me on a tour of the city yesterday, it felt like I was going so very slowly this afternoon. Work wasn't much better, as you might have guessed, but it wasn't busy so I was able to get the dining room all caught up and nice looking (including the bathrooms) by about 7, and then set about organizing boxes of food in the back for when the order came in, which took almost until 8, accounting for taking out garbage and cardboard. Then when I went back inside Manoah randomly asked if I wanted to stay until 10 so he could go home at 8. On any other night, I would've said yes, but on this occasion, my answer was a firm no. He heard me tell Tryphena why I told her that I was sore and tired, and I meant every word of that. My legs (although I'm fairly certain it's my leg muscles really are sore. I can walk fine, and if I had so desired I could easily have retraced my route from last night, except maybe in reverse (now there's an idea), but if I had, I would likely end up spending all of tomorrow confined to my bed. Maybe it would be different if I had, oh, properly stretched out before heading out yesterday, but I haven't ever done that before either. Like I said last night, that evening a couple summers ago where I went on a ~15km walk was just as spontaneous. I decided I was getting tired of sitting around, and that nothing would do to end my boredom, so up and prepared I got, with my PSP and earphones, and that was that. Perhaps I'm overstating things here though. I may be sore, but I can still walk around, and there's something to be said for that.

Unfortunately, sleeping last night was... underwhelming. Shutting my laptop down before getting comfortable under the covers had the sole effect of leaving me somewhat anxious when I woke up and wanted to check for anything new, but knew that I couldn't without waiting for it to start back up, and it (sleeping) was overall not as relaxing as I hoped it would be. At least I have one theory as to why. I slept so well upon returning from MFF because I was essentially catching up on three days worth of rest. Sure, I did sleep at the hotel, well longer than the rule about getting six hours of sleep advised (of course, it was six hours as a minimum, so there's some room to move around in), but I would postulate that I didn't rest completely well, because I was in an unfamiliar place. You could argue that the apartment in London was just as unfamiliar, because I didn't actually live there, but I had visited several times before, enough to find it comfortable. Still, to be fair, other reasons for that happening the way it did upon returning are because we had to wake up early to check out that morning, when I'd had a somewhat difficult time getting to sleep the night before, and it was an eight hour drive home, which I very nearly dozed off during. So as a second theory, what I could try is waking up really early one morning, around 10 or 11, staying up for the entire day, and either going out for that 20km walk an hour or two after midnight, or go to work, and head out to Michener and then Indian Creek on my way home. Then lay down in bed and wait for fatigue to overtake me. Either that, or on a normal night (one where I don't work), go out for a walk of the same length, and rearrange my room when I get home. And I mean complete rearrangement, in the form of moving my bed back to the other corner of the room and moving my bookshelves over to be next to the window, and making sure everything was actually nice and clean and organized before going to bed. I could do both (one or the other, that is), and yes, my body would most definitely protest, both on that night and the day after, but it would also be an interesting experience. It's just a shame out of the several years I've walked places instead of getting a ride wherever I needed to go (including 7-11, which is positively embarrassing to think back on), I've only had the urge to go out and do that twice. And one other time as well, but I took so much time thinking about what I was thinking about doing that if I had left, the sun would've started to come up before I got home.

Back in the present now, I think that says mostly everything for tonight. Those couple other things I mentioned wanting to write about in my previous entry still do exist, but I'm not quite ready to write about them yet, actually, and I have yet another possibly active day in store tomorrow. Washing dishes and making cookies, which is nothing compared to that walk, but three or four hours in the kitchen is just as, if not more strenuous than three hours out taking a private tour of Chatham is. But before I forget, even though this is hardly necessary, I would like to issue a public apology to any of the fine people at Union Gas who may have noticed an odd odor near the the conifer (I'm not sure what type of tree it was exactly) out in front of the building. My walk was going fine up to when I started walking down Keil Drive, and then I felt an ever-growing urge to find some privacy and, well, pee, for lack of a better word. Continuing up the street to Tim Hortons, which had an actual bathroom with a toilet would seem to be the better choice, but my train of thought at the time was "Oh, there's a big tree! I can walk around behind it, so my back is to the building, and if anybody sees me even then, it's their own fault for looking". Yeah. That was the convenient and relieving part, whereas the best part of the entire walk was coming up McNaughton from Michener, and making it to St. Clair. Up to that point everything had been a bit too dark and unfamiliar and slightly frightening (I haven't completely forgotten about those scary stories yet), not to mention being in reverse, and once I reached that intersection, in all its artificially-lit glory, it was as if all the energy I had spent getting to that point had been renewed, and made it worthwhile to finally be walking in the "proper" direction again. Then on the same street, going the same direction, the lace on my right shoe came untied not once but three times, to my great frustration, and then not again for the entire walk after that. Annoying, yet with a hint of strangeness in its own right, but now it's bedtime. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell the story of getting creeped out at one point along Grand Ave, and how that used to be so much different...

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