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See what I've done to myself now? This writing about MFF in those other two entries has me thinking all sorts of other things about it. What I would do differently if I could go back to that specific weekend and such, and I think the biggest change I would make is not trying to abruptly rework my sleep schedule to fit in with everything happening during the daytime. I could still quite easily wake up whenever, go to panels that looked interesting, then return to my room and go back to sleep, but none of that business regarding - with no preparation whatsoever - trying to go to bed at midnight or so and wake up at noon, instead of just taking things as they were when I got there, and making the best use of my time possible. I mean, looking at it from a completely different perspective, I also enjoyed going to Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob's for the family reunion-type event and staying overnight, but I enjoyed it more once things had quieted down and most everybody had gone home. Then again, trying to stay up the whole night, and getting only two hours of sleep wasn't so much, but going out to Tim Hortons and exploring a small portion of the rest of the city was thoroughly gratifying, and the common theme from my past two entries was present upon coming home as well. Everything was brought inside, and then I went upstairs to unpack my own things, followed by writing an entry in here, I believe, and abruptly nodding off for at least a couple hours. Getting back to the original topic though, yes, that's what I would do. Go to bed around 6am, wake up anywhere from 2-4pm, do normal things for the rest of the "day", and then after midnight, once things had calmed down a bit (or so I would presume), go walking around and see what people were up to, and what sorts of things were still going on. Alas, that is merely a fun thought at this point.

What's also a fun thought is finding Naomi right now and laying out my terms regarding her paying for the internet as clearly as possible. Back at the beginning of the month, we had a disagreement surrounding that, and the bitter taste from the way it went is still with me to this day. It started at suppertime, where we were all at the table making the sandwiches that we were having that night, and I walked over to the fridge to see if there was any cheese, and came back remarking that we had none. Naomi said it had all been used for the macaroni that had been made the previous night, which I knew about because I wanted some of it, but came home from work to find an empty container on the stove. Getting back to the night after that, I said something like "Oh, yeah, you're right... And I didn't get any of that either...", to which she responded by saying that she had made it, which apparently gave her complete control over its distribution. Now, follow me when I say that she had no reason to be such a snob about it either way. If she hadn't paid for the cheese, then I would've been content with her apologizing and explaining that she and Adam didn't think I would want any, whereas if she had paid for it, then it would stand to reason she should also have money for the internet for me, and at the time, I went with the second possibility, firmly reminding her that she still needed to pay me and so on. Cue a disjointed explanation of how the kid she's been babysitting (which is apparently her sole source of income) has been sick recently, which is acceptable because Mom said she could corroborate that, and from there it somehow led to me offhandedly suggesting that while I wasn't telling her what to do or forcing her to stop, if she couldn't pay for it, she could simply disconnect her laptop(s) from the internet and not make use of it until she'd paid me. That's fair, right? Even though I did mention my option of disconnecting her earlier in that conversation, I never once said I was actually going to do it, and never resorted to threats or coercion, either. Despite that, she picked up the last piece of turkey, which up to that point she had begrudgingly left in the package for me, and stomped up to her room, moaning. A little while after that I heard her crying and explaining to Adam that I make her feel so insignificant and worthless and such, but seriously, if you can't take a little (in my opinion gentle) pushing back, then I suggest you don't push other people in the first place.

I probably won't though, because why? I wash dishes twice before the 24th, which is when I'm heading away for the weekend. I will return on the 28th, which is coincidentally the day TekSavvy will take their payment from my card, and if she doesn't have at least $10 for February by the time I get back, she'll either be taking on some extra responsibility in the form of properly washing the dishes, along with drying and putting them away, or will have alot more free time on her hands. I wish there was something else I could think of to have her do as fair compensation, but nothing comes to mind, and quite honestly, I dislike the thought of having her wash the dishes in my place as it is. Adam definitely doesn't do them properly, and while I haven't actually paid attention to how she treats them, I'd be willing to bet it's without as much responsibility as Mom, Dad, or I. Yeah, they're just dishes, and maybe not the best thing to be so exacting with as such, but what else would I have her do? Vacuum the floor in my room? No. I may need to do that again now, but I'll get to it sometime before Thursday of next week.

As for what I mentioned about being creeped out on my walk on Sunday night, over by Tecumseh park there is a street named "Water", which we (Adam, and two friends of ours, although not always together as a group) would spend quite a bit of our free time near when we were younger. You see, there's another park of sorts down the street from Tecumseh, at one corner of which there was a train bridge. I seem to recall it being colloquially referred to as the "Black Bridge", which the beginning (or end) of can be seen here. Past that bridge, such as if you crossed it from the other side, you would find a dirt path leading back into the forest, and along there, following a path that I can't remember anymore, you would eventually come across an old, large, rusted boat. I think this might actually be it right here, but for the sake of this story (which is completely real), let's just say we spent quite a lot of time out there. Not for any specific reason, but just to explore, and climb around inside of it, and see what else could be found in the area. Looking back now, it was and still is a sufficiently creepy place, yet I thought very little of it at the time. Aside from one night just before my birthday, where we were walking home that way in the dark, and I actually found myself wondering if I would live through it. Guess where my mind placed most to all of those scary stories whose settings weren't explicitly described? Yes indeed. So when I went out that way on Sunday, and crossed over those train tracks, I found myself hesitantly glancing over to the right, wondering what sorts of horrors were going on back there, and wondering if I was safe out talking around there all on my own. I actually didn't feel completely safe again until I made it all the way over to Tim Hortons (the one across the street from the police station, and thus right near the end of my walk, that is), but yeah, as spooky as it was at the time, it was a fun feeling too. As for whether or not horrific things could actually be found back there, I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't, because even during the daytime it's dark and secluded and evokes a sense of uneasiness, but then the same could be said of the seemingly endless expanse of forest and brush behind Aunt Carol and Uncle Brent's house. They built a cabin some distance back, so one would assume it's mostly safe, but how can you be sure 100% of the time?

This is leading into another idea I've been considering for a couple days now, but I'm reluctant to mention it yet (although "it" is something good, or at least beneficial, as opposed to bad and sinister), and I have dishes to wash as well, so I'm off to take care of those. Nothing really in store for later tonight, but I still need to clean up my desktop after downloading music the other day (from LapFox Trax, so I did legitimately purchase it), so I'll probably work on that, and see what I feel like doing afterward~

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