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[remark of great annoyance]

Why am I not surprised though? I should know better by now, and yet it never ceases to be severely irksome when I bake a treat, leave it in the kitchen, and then go down there several hours later to see that most of it is gone already. I made cookies tonight, and unfortunately had enough butter to make only two batches, instead of three, which is what I was planning at first. One batch was standard - oatmeal chocolate chip, exactly the same as I've made before, and exactly the same as the ones I gave to Munedust for her birthday (speaking of which, if you see this, are any still left, and if so, how goes the diet?), and then the other special and new, and quite costly because purchasing the secret ingredient - peanut butter M&Ms - at 7-11 set me back $11.05. Of course, that was for two of the big bags, which was kind of the dumb thing to do because another time that I was there recently, I worked it out that the small bags were the better buy, both in terms of base price, and for the 30 cent discount applied when buying any two chocolate bars, which small packages of M&Ms fit into the category of, but I did that anyways, and made cookies with one full bag. I took the majority of the cookies for myself, because even though my next several shifts either see me closing with Mary or working during over supper instead of starting at 8 I just might bring some in, and left a fair few on the plate with the chocolate chip ones. Then I went downstairs just a couple minutes ago, to put my bowl from supper in the sink, and found only plain chocolate chip cookies left.

But that's what I get, I guess. The only thing I told Adam was that there were more cookies out in the kitchen, but not to eat all of them, and he did respect that much, but I'm going to have to start rationing these things out the same as cookies were as children or something. One for everybody as soon as they cool down after coming out of the oven (or even before, if you don't care about burning your mouth), and then the rest will be handed out at my discretion. On a related note of irritation, one more thing about Adam. You need a half-teaspoonful of butter at most for your eggs. I don't know where this four-tablespoons-and-counting thing came from, but it's a waste, considering you dumped the excess into the grease container when you were finished, and saying that it "tastes better", while not without proof, is also sad justification. There's still a note on the desktop of the computer downstairs (a text file, that is), with a receipt from some weight loss thing in it. Maybe your metabolism or somesuch is different than mine, but try this easier way to lose weight: eat less, exercise more (I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of that walk on Sunday night as great exercise), and most importantly, stop soaking your eggs in so much butter. Why do you suppose other unhealthy foods taste so good? Because of the fat (or is it cholesterol, at least in terms of butter?). Trish is supposed to be coming up again in June, and I think it would be quite fun, not to mention funny to take them along on that walk. Keep up with me, and we aren't stopping anywhere until we're almost back home again. If at all. Sadly, I can't think of anybody else who would enjoy that. Pushing the limits of endurance, and, from a certain angle, sanity, and having fun with it. Although now all of this has me hoping that this coming Friday will be terrifically busy and we won't get out until around 4:30, so then I will be able to go to McDonalds for breakfast. I definitely need to get out to the Tim Hortons on Bloomfield again sometime soon, but I've not once done that breakfast on the way home from work thing yet. Well, that is to say I have, but the things I picked up, although eaten at what would be breakfast time for countless other people, were decidedly non-breakfast foods.

That reminds me of going to Tim Hortons earlier tonight (after visiting 7-11 to get the M&Ms for cookies), and somehow (I have my doubts about it being a legitimate accident) being given two roll-up-the-rim cups for the same drink. To be precise, I bought two drinks. One was an apple cider, which came in a single cup with "Please Play Again" printed on the underside of the rim, and the other was an apple cinnamon tea, which normally comes with the special cup on the inside, but this time came with two, both of which won me a free drink. So now I have two of those, and free donut... stub, to be redeemed at some point in the future. Might make the most sense to save those for next week, what with there being a Tim Hortons up the street and around the corner from the train station and all.

Otherwise, I'm doing it again. Instead of finishing up what I should've done after making cookies and eating supper (mostly cleaning up my room), I sat down in bed and proceeded to fiddle about with Firefox for the better part of an hour. The reason this time is that I found an extension to hide the caption (title) bar, which is a worthy contribution to making the interface of the browser as minimal as possible. Before, there were two bars at the top of the window. One was Windows' title bar, containing Firefox's icon, the name of the page being viewed, and the instantly-identifiable series of buttons at the right (minimize, maximize / restore, and close), and the other held the address bar, bookmark icons, and other trigger buttons for certain menus. Now that I've found a way to hide the former, however, everything is condensed into one bar at the top of the screen, and I'd have to say the only clunky part now is / are the RSS feed group icons. I've reverted to a more neutral Persona (lightweighttheme-x) for now, but I can already feel that need to dig around and poke through everything that I've felt several times before. Once with userChrome, once with extensions, once with Firefox 2's Foxkeh theme, and... I think that's about it. I really need to clean my desktop up first though, and also my room and probably other things that I'll have to go back over again once I finish the first time, but for now, I'm calling it a night, because it's 6:30, and I start at 7 tomorrow. I wonder if those (chocolate chip) cookies will last until then...

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