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Six Days to Go

I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited at the thought <3 In less than one week's time, I will be waking up in a different place, possibly at a different time, and I can't wait for that just for the change of pace and scenery it will provide. Although for the moment I am most looking forward to the train ride there (it's the journey, not the destination that matters, etc.), but that aside, I almost couldn't take it last night. For a few brief moments I was considering going out for another walk, but decided to stay here to start working on some other things that I've been putting off, and after that, I couldn't believe how much time seemed to slow down. It got to the point where I had to close my laptop and set it aside, and flip over the other direction in bed to lay there and rest for a while, thinking about what I could do, for a sudden and abrupt change of pace. It was too late to go out for a long walk, and while I would've gone to Tim Hortons any other night like that, I actually didn't feel like going there that time, so I laid there, mostly just thinking about things and how I would even choose to be at work instead if I was able, until 5:30 rolled around, and I decided to call it a night

Which was fairly unpleasant too. It's nowhere near summer yet, but I've already had one night where everything is too hot and uncomfortable to have a restful and relaxing sleep initially, until an hour or two before when I would normally wake up, which is when I am finally able to get past that barrier of irritation (I don't know how else to describe it), and sleep properly. It's supposed to be cooler next week, and it'll be a blessing if that holds through, as if not, the change of pace and scenery mentioned above won't be nearly as nice. Still, I shouldn't blame the current temperature alone for screwing up my sleep, as my activities yesterday had quite a bit of impact on that. They're the same activities that have left me unable and unwilling to write an entry over the past couple days as well, because I'd been focusing on them so much, I couldn't think of what to say about anything else. I think I'm mostly done with them now though, and in the interest of taking care of two things at once, a new screenshot of my desktop, featuring the outcome of those activities mentioned above can be seen here. Curiously, that's only my second Windows 7 screenshot too, even though I've been using it for at least several months now. Not that it's of any real concern, but yes, look at that, and at the window-frame that is Firefox. I did make quite a few changes to that in Paint.NET before saving the final picture, but most of them have to do with differences between when the browser is fullscreen and windowed, or were changed to correct bits that the visual style I'm using right now affects. All in all though, here's everything that was changed in that picture, both with the picture itself, and with Firefox (notwithstanding extensions, unless I modified their resources, in which case they will be specifically noted):

a] After searching around for far too long in Firefox's classic.jar file without getting the results I was after, I turned my attention to looking for extensions I had installed that might be able to effect the changes I was after, and eventually found the "Vertigo" area Tree Style Tab's square.css, and therein, the several instances of "#c1d2ee" that I was looking for. Changing those color codes, along with the several around them for tabs in their hovered, "unhovered", selected and hovered, etc. states allowed me to make it so that unselected tabs had a white background, which would change to orange on mouseover. Selected tabs, on the other hand, would get a dashed border on their top and bottom, which remained even when the cursor was placed over them.

b] Added a dashed border to the URL bar, and to the bottom of that toolbar itself. Those were much simpler than the previous, requiring only two additional declarations in userChrome.css.

c] Fiddled around with the images for the Persona I had installed. It would've been more easy to install the extension and presumably be able to test them without always uncleanly closing the browser (so my previous session would be restored when I started it back up) and then replacing the appropriate file (lightweighttheme-header), but it's taken care of now. The footer image still hasn't been changed, but that's fairly trivial, and the header has been replaced with an image from the Foxkeh theme for Firefox 2.

d] This one ended up occupying most of my time yesterday. Hide Caption Plus is a great extension, but its home button image leaves something to be desired, at least for me. Regardless of the image used, all that are included with the extension connect to the top edge of the window, which puts it / them out of alignment with the URL bar. Maybe that wouldn't matter so much to people who use more than one toolbar, but I couldn't have that, so I set about finding a way to use a different image, and to change its positioning, if need be. Ultimately I was successful in that too, as you can see by comparing this picture to the one linked up above outside of this cut, but it took quite a while to get working. First of all I had to change the default images themselves - back up the old ones, and rename the new so the extension would use them instead. Second, I had to spend way too long fiddling with padding and transparent backgrounds and differences between Firefox being fullscreen and windowed, and... it works now. At least this was made somewhat easier by the extension's files not all being packed away inside a .jar like Tree Style Tab's were. This also reminds me that my CTRL, ALT, and R keys have seen quite a bit of use recently. That and QuickRestart is a very useful extension.

e] Further to the above, see those resize markers at the upper-left, upper-right, and lower-left corners of the windows in the linked screenshot? They don't look very good there, do they? Thankfully they were easier to change than the previous, only requiring the images' content to be erased. Not before the images were backed up, of course, just in case I should want them back one day, even though that'll probably never happen.

f] Added the border seen on the insides of the window. Left and right only though, because it already had a bottom border, and I gave one to the toolbar the URL bar appears in up in item B.

I believe that's everything. Aside from changes made to the desktop picture, but they were either purely for effect (such as the wallpaper picture being in Firefox), or tweaked to make the browser look as I would have it. I still need to change the border style of the URL bar for non-HTTPS URLs. That's why in the image linked in the cut, it looks kind of green, and in the desktop picture, it's fine. Maybe I'll look into that when I get home from work, but probably not, because I close tonight, and then am in over supper tomorrow. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but I expect to be more tired than normal after the things mentioned at the beginning of this entry.

As for other news, well, I'm down to waiting on only two packages in the mail now, one of which I hope will arrive next week, and the other which I need to ask for an update about. I picked up my English Megaman Battle Network 4 guide from Shoppers yesterday, after having to go back home the first time to get more official proof of identification. Apparently I can use the same old savings account statement in conjunction with my health card from now on, but we'll see. Anyways, I got that yesterday, my Japanese guide for Kirby and the Amazing Mirror came on Wednesday, and I woke up this morning to find a tiny package outside of my door that presumably contains the screwdriver I purchased for a whole 99 cents. So that's good, and on a completely different topic, I learned on Wednesday afternoon that it was Naomi, not Adam who had eaten all of the cookies with M&Ms that I left downstairs. As before, am I surprised? No, not really. Just annoyed. I'm bringing some of the rest of those cookies to work tonight though, and the rest when I go in tomorrow afternoon. I ate enough yesterday that the rest would be better shared, but I still have half an hour left to go, so I'm off to get a margarine tub or bag or something. Ten ought to be enough~

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