Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Often to be Coincidental

At least that was a more relaxing sleep than last night's, but I am honestly curious about something now: what's with the recurring theme of (h/m)otels in my dreams? Up until now I haven't thought very much of it, but after the one I had just before waking up, it seems to be becoming a bit more than a coincidence. I am able to draw at least one link between what happened in this most recent one and things I was doing before going to bed though. Well, to be proper it happened while I was still at work, but for what that's worth, I was at the back washing dishes, and for some reason my mind drifted over to recollections of the furmeets and such in London, and just... well, I don't want to say why I found some of those thoughts decidedly embarrassing, even several years after the fact, but I will share that as with at least one other time / place / situation since then, I found myself staring blankly into the wall in front of me (at work), thinking about what sorts of delicate positions I had unwittingly put myself into in the past. As for the dream itself, I got the feeling that we were in London for several days, and I somehow knew that I had my laptop with me, so I went to go pull it out so I could go online and ask somebody if the furmeets were still on, at the same time and place as before, but I never made it past that point, because a rooster started crowing, and it didn't take long for me to realize the sound was coming from my alarm clock.

I don't expect very much more from this supper shift today, aside from bringing the last eight (possibly seven) cookies from what I made on Tuesday in, and letting people tear through those. I might have one more myself, but I'm starting to wonder about what else I can put in them now. Milk-chocolate chips are good, and pretty much the standard flourish. Peanut butter cup chunks are okay, but lack any specific flavor, unless you get a cookie that has more chunks than oatmeal, in which case they taste a little saltier than normal. As for peanut butter M&M pieces, they're good too, but expensive. One bag of chocolate chips is ~$2. One bag of peanut butter M&Ms is ~$5. As for what else I might try, what about crushed Skor bars, such as that cake that I haven't made in a little while calls for? Regardless, I need to save my money for next week right now, but it's a somewhat interesting thing to think about. Oh, and speaking of cake, next time we need one, I am going to try a different recipe. One that is decidedly not flat, but which is supposed to be "built" on a flat plate, and that might pose a problem, because I don't think we have any plates that are perfectly flat. It also requires heavy cream, which I'm not sure where to find yet, but I plan to ask about going grocery shopping on Wednesday this coming week instead of Thursday, as I will not be around to go the second day, so hopefully I'll be able to find where it is at Real Canadian Superstore (assuming they have it) then.

I think I'm going to leave writing about other things until after work later though. If I get to them then at all, of course, but for the moment I would like to go into some detail about those things I said I wasn't ready to share yet in the first paragraph, but I can't in a public entry. At least not with obscuring / encrypting those paragraphs in some way. The one thing I will say right now is that I'm not very good at sharing (things that I value with others), but that'll be it until later. I need some time to think...

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