Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Weird Thing

Really weird. When I got done at Heart and Stroke, I didn't bother shutting my laptop down. Just closed it, so it'd go into sleep mode, because I figured it wouldn't be too long before it was plugged back in again. So I brought it home, took it out, and opened it back up, let it come out of sleep mode, and then an error appeared. Specifically, this:

Scared me a bit, because last time I got an error that said something about "Delayed Write", it was right after I moved all my music and other such things to an external hard drive, and when I restarted the computer (seeing as it froze in the middle of moving the files), it refused to acknowledge that the drive was even formatted properly. Of course, a simple chkdsk /f x: might've fixed it, but I didn't think of that at the time.

What worried me more was how it says the problem was with writing the MFT. I simply plugged the drive back in though, and all the files are seemingly accessible, and I ran chkdsk just in case, and nothing wrong was reported there.

Had a pretty slow day so far otherwise. Had to wake up at 12:30, was at Heart and Stroke 'till 5, and now I'm watching random episodes of The Drew Carey Show on the other computer, while I write this on my laptop. Fun.

There's a slight chance of getting called in to work tonight, seeing as Josh said something a couple weeks ago about how after 12 tonight, they'll only have 3 people. So if they do call me, I fully plan on telling them "Sure, I'll come in, but not 'till we pick Dad up from work, which'll be around 10."

Then both Mom and Dad are going to Burlington tomorrow, for no apparent reason, so I have to walk to work. Bleh.

And wow. I was just getting ready to go upstairs and ask Mom if we could run to Little Caesars so I could get one of their $5 pizzas, and she just came downstairs to say we were going to Swiss Chalet. Or something along those lines at least. She also asked if we'd be able to pay for ourselves, and that's fine with me.

Like I said about work the other night, off we go :3

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