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On-the-Train Entry

Maybe I should consider it a mixed blessing. On one hand, I think I'm in one of the first-class train cars, but somebody just came by to take my ticket, and aside from that, asked twice if I wanted anything from the snack cart, and then explained how to exit the train in the event of an emergency, because I told him I "used to" know what to do with the windows. On the other hand, there aren't any power outlets in here that I can see. There might be one up under the seat ahead of me, but with my screen brightness as it is, and the wireless switch turned off, I have ~3 hours of battery power left, which I hope will be enough considering the train ride is about 3 hours, fifteen minutes long. Nothing particularly worth noting yet otherwise though. Mom wanted to give me a hug before I went into the train station, which was one-sided thanks to all the stuff I was carrying, and Tabby (the cat) put up a fuss when I tried to dislodge her from my window before heading out, and I forgot to tell her (Mom) that if any packages should arrive for me, they should be put in my room, because I'm still waiting for those CDs.

I think I'll wait until we get to London to open my sandwich though. I used my free donut cup-stub-thing to get a strawberry-banana donut, which was actually pretty good, and traded in my other drink stub for an apple cinnamon tea, then ordered a sandwich as well, but the bag is much too noisy right now. Or rather the donut bag was noisy, and I figure I might as well wait until we get to London, where it will be noisy from people boarding or disembarking from the train to open the sandwich. Although I still want to record that movie of the train pulling up to London, staying there for a short while, and then pulling off again. That'll be fun <3

Anyways, since I haven't written an entry since Monday night (or Tuesday morning), I have a small list of things of interest to share. In chronological order, they are as follows:

a] A Riddle About Time
Back on Monday night when we were at Smitty's for supper, Naomi, at one point, checked the time on her phone and announced that it was nineteen-something hours, prompting Dad to respond with "Oh, so it's you kids who have been setting the microwave to military time?" Setting aside the riddle for a moment, exactly what purpose would that serve? I can understand it providing a little more functionality with fairly little effort (as they described it in Home Improvement (paraphrased), if it's a double-digit time after 12:00, subtract 12 to get the correct time, but if it's a single or double-digit time before 12:00, then that is the correct time already), but it doesn't seem like something that would be particularly useful on a microwave. At any rate, I, sensing that something was amiss, asked him what time of the day it was when he saw that - morning, afternoon, or evening. He said that it had been early morning, and that sealed it. Even Adam said "He's got you there..." when I responded, so I put it to whoever may be reading this: how / why was he (Dad) mistaken? The answer is at the end of item E.

b] I Give Poor Directions
I think it was on Tuesday night that I had just walked out of the bank from getting gas and grocery money for Mom and was waiting to cross the street when I noticed that a couple women in a car at the same intersection were trying to get my attention. I paused the music I was listening to, and walked a bit closer to hear them say / ask "Tim Hortons? McDonalds?" I obviously assumed that they wanted to know where the closest of either of those places could be found, so I instructed them to turn right, drive over the bridge, and keep going straight. There are several places to get food up there, and it made sense in my head at the time, because both places were almost across the street from each other up there. What I realized only after they pulled away, however, is that I could've told them to turn left and drive less than a block, because there was a Tim Hortons literally just around the corner. So I felt bad, and a little embarrassed for a bit, but it's still better than answering queries of "Can you tell me how to get to [location]?" with "Umm... I'm not sure" and an apologetic smile in the past.

c] Brandon's Requests are Getting Excessive
At first I wasn't going to mention his name, but I don't think it's any surprise. Manoah hasn't asked to borrow money in a little while, and I'm sure he's still aware of my stipulation that until he pays me back the reminaing $420 of what I lent him before, the most he can borrow per month is $100. So anyways, I think it was right after getting home on Tuesday that Adam directed me to the answering machine in the kitchen. I listened to the new message and heard Brandon asking me to call him back, which I didn't do at first, because I figured he just wanted to borrow more money. Skip ahead to yesterday (Wednesday) night at work, which I left the house for an hour early so I'd have time to go to Money Mart and such, and he was there. Sure enough, as soon as we had a moment in private he asked if he could borrow "three or four-hundred dollars", until what I'm %50 certain was payday. He might've said "next payday" though, in which case his request would make alot more sense, but I thought about it anyways, just for a moment, and told him no, explaining that I needed my money for the trip I'm on my way to as I write this. He said he understood, and shortly after that asked where I was going and what for, which I would expect from pretty much anybody there, and that was that. Let's assume for a moment though that he did say "payday", meaning that his intent was to pay me back this Thursday. What would the point be? I would give him money, then he'd get paid and immediately give it back to me. If it were next payday, however, well... my answer would still be no, because after his tardiness with paying me back in the past, I'm not prepared to give him more than I ever have before.

d] One of Few Reactions that I Appreciate
After going to Money Mart yesterday night (where I put $50 on my card to pay for the internet), I went just next door to McDonalds, to use the "buy one flurry get one free" coupon that I had. Apple crisp for myself, which was really good, and Smarties which I gave to George, since I didn't really want to eat two flurries myself, and the one that I had paid for was only $2.96, I think. So I ordered, and as I continued to stand there at the counter waiting for my items, one of the employees (I presume it was the manager, because he seemed familiar) walked by, tossed a little cup of coffee creamer at me, and said "You look thirsty". At first I dropped it on the floor, but I picked it up and stood there looking down at the counter smiling. Had I thought of it then, and cared less about giving people the wrong impression, I would've taken the top off and licked it out, but I didn't think of that until I was back at work. Even so, while I may normally be kind of irked at people who jump to conclusions and say "He's a" (generic) "cat!", the person at McDonalds doing that is something I can only say "Well played" or similar to. I still have that cream(er) too. It's in my window at home, and will probably remain there until it evaporates, or starts to smell bad. Simple objects that remind me of something fun (or funny) that happened are nice.

e] We Don't Have a "Cup of Cheese" Button
Last night at work, a lady came in and ordered two fry supremes, and when she pulled up to the window, asked a question that started with "Since I ordered two of those, can I...?", and I jumped to conclusions myself, telling her that yes, we could combine the two into one to make a grandé fry supreme even though we no longer sold that size, but the rest of her question actually ended up being "get a cup of cheese to go with it?" Then I thought that she must have wanted the cheese for one of the fries put on the side instead, so I told her that yes, we could do that. Turns out I was wrong again, because she responded by saying she wanted an extra cup of cheese, to which I naturally assumed that she must have wanted an extra side, and told her yes, but it would cost an extra 60 cents. Yet again I was wrong. As it turns out she wanted an actual cup of cheese - a drink cup full of nacho cheese, which was apparently a "pregnant woman craving" (her words), and a small discussion ensued about how it would be quite a bit extra, and we couldn't "cut her a deal", because that would be a lot of nacho cheese to just give away even if they weren't obsessing over how much food we should have versus how much is in the story again. In the end, she got a small drink cup almost full of nacho cheese for $2.40 (quite a bargain, considering), and merrily went on her way. As George and I said to each other afterward, that's a first. The only order that compares is somebody who once ordered four nachos and cheese with six extra sides of cheese. Or maybe it was six bags of nachos or something, but I know there were 10 little plastic cups of nacho cheese in their bag when their order was passed over the counter. Now, as for the answer to the riddle above, it's fairly simple: "early morning" means the time would be a single (or perhaps triple, counting the :00) -digit number, meaning that if anything, somebody forgot to clear the remaining time when they used the microwave. It was a nice, gratifying feeling realizing that though. Conclusively proving what I was trying to say and such.

With those taken care of, it's now quarter after 4. Still roughly an hour and fifteen minutes to go, made much better by that tea I had. I should be able to make it to Toronto in this condition, but my first goal (aside from being picked up) will be to find a bathroom. Or I could just, oh, get up and attempt to move past the person who sat down next to me in London, but I'll try to manage for right now. As for other bits of interest, I have a package to open when I get back home, which I already know the contents of, and I hope VLC doesn't take more than half an hour to convert this video file. The movie I recorded as we approached / were in / left London is almost 20 minutes long, and VirtualDub doesn't (natively) support MP4 files, and my battery is down to having 20 minutes remaining. Maybe I should check that thing I thought was a power outlet though. It just might be...

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