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Shoppers is Really Expensive

As noted previously, we went grocery shopping at Food Basics yesterday night. Small bottles of pure vanilla extract were available for ~$3 there, which is substantially lower than Real Canadian Superstore's $4.99 per bottle. We ended up going to Zellers as well, where I noticed that they were about the same price (~$5 per bottle), but then I went out again on my own an hour or so after we got home again to purchase wax paper and flour, and found that Shoppers charged $6.49 for the same item. Sure, it's closer, and if they had wax paper in stock I probably would've done the rest of my shopping there, but that's quite an increase. I'll have to leave a little earlier than normal next time I work to see if they're the same price at the Shoppers back in Chatham. I'm guessing they are, at least.

As that might indicate though, today was largely spent baking. Well, largely walking around before that, which is the biggest reason I chose to go out by myself the second time, but after that, I baked a cake, which I'm told was quite good, and the first batch of oatmeal cookies, which didn't turn out quite the same as they do at home thanks to oven differences, and then I needed to sit down and take a break, so I made two grilled cheese sandwiches for supper, watched TV for a couple hours, and now I'm writing this before I go to bed early in preparation to wake up quite a bit earlier than normal tomorrow. 11:00, to be precise, so I'm definitely going to be sufficiently tired for the rest of the day after that. I wish I could place why I'm so tired right now though. I got to sleep around 4:30 yesterday morning, and slept until 1 in the afternoon, so unless it's simple lack of energy from being in a different and unfamiliar place, I don't know. But on that note, I am quite looking forward to sleeping on Monday night. Setting aside what would be extremely unfortunate setbacks, I'll be home by then.

As for tomorrow, our plans are thus: go to the (Toronto) Zoo, possibly make some more cookies, and order pizza for supper <3 I was going to do the latter tonight, but figured it would work better tomorrow, because even though some of the animals might not be out and about, I'm looking forward to going back there, and getting some sort of special supper that comes to me / us instead of having to go get it will be nice. Although that reminds me of something I noticed at Zellers earlier today. I am effectively on vacation. It might not be the same as going to stay in a(n) (h/m)otel like I mentioned several times quite a while ago, but it certainly is cheaper, and it's not like I don't have the money to buy things. So therefore, why is it that while browsing through the Easter things Zellers had out on display, I found myself thinking "I'd like to buy that / those, but I really shouldn't"? I think if anything it's force of habit, where the habit is not wanting to eat too much. I'm kind of pushing it today, because we had oatmeal for breakfast, then Taco Bell for lunch (of which my share was a beef burrito and a nachos and cheese, and also on that note, I cannot describe the delight I took in seeing ice in their cold line as well), followed by two grilled cheese sandwiches, and then a slice of cake and two cookies for dessert. Probably just on the edge of being sufficient, actually. It would help if I still kept track of that stuff, but running over it in my mind, it doesn't feel like too much.

As far as the trip / vacation on a whole has been with another day added to it now, I'd say still pretty decent. I was getting kind of tired and agitated in the kitchen earlier, and started wondering what the point to my making cookies and such was, but that all went away once they were tried, and the roommate whose name I still don't know (I think it might be "Zion", or the same two syllables spelled a different way though) said I should be invited back more often. Oh, and further to being pestered by the other person who stays here, he apparently got the hint earlier, and actually asked "You not used to being around furries?" I didn't realize that's what he had said at the time, unfortunately, so my answer was unspecific, but now that I'm writing about it, no, I am not. Although I wouldn't say it's that I'm not used to being around furries specifically, but rather being around these sorts of furries. The decor in this apartment reminds me of how I felt and thought a couple years ago - if something was animal-related, you could be sure that I either had or wanted it, but now it's more toned down, and is just part of who I am. Little dissimilarities in perception do make quite a difference. It's also why I say that I am not furry. Comparing myself to the people that live here, I am most definitely not, but compared to my family or any of the people I work with, I most definitely am, so instead of actively trying to (re)define exactly how I feel and so on, I might as well try to avoid the label(s). Am I furry? Maybe, maybe not. I wonder if there's a way to answer that question without comparing myself to other people...

Wondering will have to wait until tomorrow though, because it's bedtime again. My nose is running too, but hopefully that's only a temporary thing. I guess I'll find out in the morning~

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