Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Rather Short Entry

In which I simply state that I am back at home again, safely and sound-ly, and that aside from late Sunday night, I enjoyed the weekend. I would write more, but the couple times I've tried thus far, I've been distracted by the desire to write a detailed account of the weekend like I used to do with going to London for the furmeet. Although I suppose it's safe to share one of the things I would've liked to do, but never quite made it to. Apparently there are three basement floors of storage rooms in that apartment, as partially evidenced by our having to go down to the second to retrieve a baking sheet. Combining that with there being 30 above-ground floors in the building (as proven by the display above one of the elevators when we were coming back from the zoo, I think, that makes for a total of 33 floors in the entire building. I thought it would be fun to start at -3 (or B3, I suppose), trudge up through all of the stairs way up to the 30th floor, and back down the other stairwell to where I started out. I'm not completely sure why it seemed like a fun idea, and I figured it wouldn't take longer than half an hour or so, but I never actually made it out to do that.

I could also share a quick dream I had last night, I suppose. I refreshed LiveJournal's Post an Entry page to see a new Christmas-themed banner featuring me wearing a Christmas hat, viewed facing to the left, but looking out towards the viewer. I'm afraid that description really doesn't do it justice, but it was really me, and not from a picture I'd commissioned either. I assumed that was something that had been done for every single user, so as I was saving my banner, I started wondering what it would be like to have to save all of them, for every single user on this site, and woke up shortly thereafter.

Now I'm just wondering what I should do first. Go find something to eat, or have a shower and shave which I need to do really really badly, or just stay here and start to write about what happened on Thursday? Probably have a shower, because that should do to take my mind off being hungry for a bit. Or I could go downstairs and use some more of the ham and cheese I purchased at the Food Basics in Toronto to make a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. But when was the last time I actually ate / made lunch here? Not in quite a while, if my memory serves, and I still need to ask Adam and Naomi if they have money for the internet for me, so I should wait until later to make something to eat. I'm off to at least ask Adam though, because I'm pretty sure he got his income tax return on Thursday. I wonder if he remembered...

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