Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Okay to be Home Again

How do I describe this feeling? While I was away in Toronto, I really wanted to be back at home. Now that I'm here again, I really want to be back in Toronto instead. Not that it'll be an incredibly long wait, because as was pointed out last night, both Dan and Xion - one of his room / housemates - invited me back themselves, and I would like to go back at that, because there are some things I didn't quite make it to this time (such as visiting the gift shop in the zoo), but not until the end of summer / early fall, both because summer is typically much too hot and humid, which I think would be even worse up there, and while I technically have enough money right now to book some more days off in April or May and go up again, I would be better off saving more instead of going into my reserve-funds. In short though, I'm definitely going back sooner or later, but I'm not sure quite when or for how long yet. As for writing a fully-detailed entry about everything that happened during the trip I just got home from, I'm still working on organizing things for each day into a point-form list first. Even if all I do is post that list afterward, it'll be nice to have a full account of what happened.

In the meantime, I don't really know. I would hesitate to say I'm full-out depressed again, but I still haven't fully unpacked, and most definitely have been eating more than I should, even though I've been home for only two days at most now. The most I ate there was on Saturday, where we had lunch at the zoo, and then cookies back at home, shortly to be followed by pizza and garlic bread, but otherwise, I wasn't all that hungry. Compare that to yesterday where I went out to get some food from Tim Hortons and 7-11 after not being able to find the ham that I had left in the fridge, and came home almost $4 in 5-cent candies, a small bag of chips, two sausage-and-English-muffin things, and from Tim Hortons, a sandwich, two donuts, and a tea that I left downstairs on the counter for a good six or seven hours before I remembered that I had bought the thing but couldn't recall drinking it. Plus lasagna for supper, and two cans of pop, and just... I'm not in bad shape after the weekend. I'd like to stay that way too. And because I didn't really miss going to 7-11 and Tim Hortons on the weekend (we went to the latter twice, and they had eclairs which were somewhat new, and I looked up directions on Google Maps to the closest location of the former, but never made it out there), I'm done with it here. At least within reason and all of that, because my main problem with going there so often is convenience. I can leave this house and walk in either direction for ten minutes at most and find both of those places, whereas in Toronto, Tim Hortons was about 20 minutes away, so while I had plenty of opportunity to go out there on my own, I didn't. Also in the category of changing things, I'm pretty sure that when I next have two days off in a row, I'll be rearranging my room. The conditions outside aren't quite Spring-like yet, but they will be soon enough, and that'll give me more incentive to finish unpacking. I start at 8 tonight, and am a little worried that I'll go to the back and check the schedule to see that I close all weekend or somesuch, but as much as I'd like to not have to go back until I actually want to again, getting back to whatever happens there tonight will help to get me accustomed to how things were before I left again.

As for these remaining two hours that I have now, I suppose I'll continue adding items to this list of things done over the weekend. I have a fair bit underneath Saturday and Sunday, because those were the best and worst days respectively, but not under any of the others yet. Even though Friday was kind of memorable because we went down the street to Cloverdale Mall, where there was a kitchen supply store that we didn't go into, but I so badly wanted to browse through even though I didn't need anything from there. Maybe it's from having an interest in baking and cooking shows and such, but to take a wide step away from this into a more general area for a moment, where I was once concerned only with videogames and electronics and such, I find that I care far more about home furnishings. Things for my room that I don't need but which look nice, and in the case of that kitchen supply store (had I gone in there), things to make food with that I didn't need but wanted anyways. And of course food fits into that group as well, but I already mentioned how I need to try and cut back on that. Although I probably will go there on the way home from work tonight, just to see if the same people are around, but yes. That comes later, and I have a list to work on filling for right now, before I start to forget about what happened~

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