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Other Obligations to Consider

While I haven't completely forgotten about it, I haven't been thinking all that much about going to Heart and Stroke in April again, and what I'll be tasked with this time. It shouldn't be quite such a big deal now, considering this'll be the third day in a row that I've woken up by or before 1pm without my alarm, but first there's work to get back to, and now volunteering duties. And certainly other things that I want to do or catch up on on the meantime as well. For the most part, work last night wasn't any different than when I had left, aside from me being somewhat clumsier and more awkward, as would be expected. That and being open for an extra fifteen minutes to serve customers who pulled in at the very last minute, but for the time being that's mostly a coincidence. What I'm less certain about, however, is / are the shifts I've been given from now until next Tuesday. I have both today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday) off, which will be lovely for rearranging my room, as well as discussing things related to the trip I returned from a couple days ago, along with plans to go back in the future. After that, I work 5-8 on Saturday, and then close again on Sunday and Monday, which is going to be... less than ideal for next week's pay. I've just had six days days off, have two more right here (one of which is normal though), and then Tuesday at the very end of the next schedule off as well, which is also normal, in that I usually get Tuesdays and Thursdays off for going to Heart and Stroke. $300 would be really nice, but as long as I make enough to split up $220 between Mom and Dad as I do at the beginning of every month, I'll be content.

Also at work last night, I was repeatedly going over (in my head) a certain detail about rearranging my room. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but things really are arranged optimally right now. My bed is right next to my window, so when it's windy or snowing or raining or anything else outside, I'm as close to it as I can get from in here, which I would prefer. As for the other side of my room, there are two pairs of power outlets over there compared to none over here (none on the wide side of the wall that my bed is pushed up against), which is inconvenient. The new idea I had this time, which is another one of the reasons I want to turn my bed around and put it over in the other corner and such is to have the corner of the room which is currently occupied by my bed free, so that in the summer I can lay a blanket out on the floor there, and sit / stretch out on it instead of remaining on my bed. Although I'm not sure where that would leave my bookcases, but I like the idea. Truth be told, of course, and I'd have to admit that I didn't even have the idea before the past weekend, but now that I do, it's sort of a continuation of the accommodations I selected for myself there being a thick blanket on the floor, and a pillow that I was allowed to use. It did work too, aside from the night where I let one of my legs and both arms hang out onto the floor because it was cooler, and eventually woke up in much discomfort, caused by the blanket being pulled down to about my waist, leaving the rest of my body in contact with the hard floor. Coincidentally enough, on the very last day, Xion told me that next time I come to visit, he'll clear off his spare mattress so I can have that to sleep on. Had I known there was a spare mattress the first time I might have been a little more insistent, but oh well. In regards to my plans for here, however, I think I might just hold off for a little while though. Wait until June, preferably, which is when I'll most likely start wanting to pull my portable air conditioner back out of my closet again. In the meantime, simply cleaning up and organizing things instead of trying to rearrange them would probably be sufficient. Regardless of whatever word would properly be used to describe my state of mind, the rapidly deteriorating condition of my room would seem to indicate that I am even just a little depressed, and last time this happened, cleaning up did improve my mood some as well.

On a few final notes, I wish I'd known this was going to happen in advance, for one. When I came home last night, the internet wasn't working, and after some fiddling to no great effect, I decided I would go to sleep, and call the customer service number in the morning if the problem hadn't fixed itself by then. Thanks to that, I had two dreams about it suddenly connecting again, during both of which I had the unfortunate presence of mind to realize that I was dreaming, and that it would probably still be the same as it was when I went to bed as when I woke up, but it's fixed now. I called the customer service number, pressed 1 to indicate that I was already a TekSavvy customer, and listened as a prerecorded message informed me of how there had been an outage from 2:30 to 3:30 on Thursday morning, and that any customers still experiencing difficulties should reset their modem and router. I did just that, and suddenly it was working again. The first new thing I noticed was an email from Dan Skunk which said "You're missing off my msn. :(" which I've responded to now, and then two others tucked away behind one of my labels. One was from a "Lindsey at OpenMedia.ca", and the other one about money for the internet being taken from my card just now, which is three days later than normal. I will admit that when the internet wasn't working last night, I was worried it had something to do with that ~$46 still being on my card, but now that I see it wasn't, next time the same thing happens, probably for more than an hour or so, I will give them a call. Other than that, I also dreamt that I went to Tim Hortons and came away with four roll-up-the-rim cups, each one of them winning me a free drink, and then completely unrelated, that there was a lake in our living room which Tabby apparently got into and was lost in, as evidenced by nobody being able to find her, but then when I went over, the lake was replaced with with a wide hole in the floor, which I tapped on the edge of to see if she was down there. Indeed she was too, running over and stretching up towards me almost immediately, so I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, and pulled her out of the hole, to much growling and hissing. Then I brought her back to Naomi, who was overjoyed to see that she was alright. The two of them went back into the safety of the cat room, where Naomi said / asked something about me recording a video, and then I noticed that she didn't have any hair.

I think it's time to go see what sorts of things were bought at Real Canadian Superstore today though, and then I need to clean up my room. Maybe not go so far as to vacuum, because I did that before I left, but definitely finish unpacking. There are some other things I'd like to write about as well, but for now, maybe I'll get to those later~

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