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Starting to Lose the Point

Not that it really comes as a surprise, but before going to bed last night, I sent Michele an email to say that I was available on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday this week if there was more work to be done. After all, last time I spoke to her in the office, I had just finished up the work I was doing, and was given the rest of March off because she was going away as well, but I assumed that come April, there would be lots more to be done. It looks like I was mistaken:

We are done P2P entries. Take some time off now again and I'll call you if a big job comes up where I need your help on the computer as I don't want to waste your time. Thanks again, as you're always there for me.

To which I say (to myself) "Oh... okay...". I don't think I mind having more time off, now that I've fully transitioned back to being at home again, but I helped out for what, three or four days total, and am done - barring any incidental, unplanned tasks - at least until September again? I suppose the word I'm looking for here is "Wow". That or "Heh". Either I'm just really quick and efficient with the work they have me do, or they don't want me to come in as often anymore, for reasons that I haven't been informed of. But I'll take that at what it is, and now that I have the next two days off, free even from washing the dishes, unless Naomi comes up with $20 between now and then, I'll probably end up going back on wanting to take a break from making cookies, and make up two final-for-now batches of the oatmeal variety that I've made so much I have the recipe for memorized, because it's more that I'm getting tired of making the same kind over and over. I have an entire book (minus one page) of cookie recipes that I could try out, and that new cake recipe to attempt, just maybe for Easter, since it's this month. Sure, having an additonal cake won't be necessary if we go to Oaks Inn for brunch again, but I'll see what happens in the couple weeks to come.

I suppose the next thing I could mention is work last night, or rather a couple curious things that happened, one there, and the other on the way in. Towards the latter, just as I was about to cross the street on the other side of the bridge, a vehicle pulled out right in front of me, without the driver so much as honking or waving to apologize. Instead, the passenger in the back seat asked "Can I make you purr?", and either the driver or passenger in the front seat "pawed" at the air at me exactly as was done several times in Toronto, as if I was supposed to react in kind or something. I said nothing, however, and they drove away a couple seconds later, leaving me to continue walking. Then as I was walking "over" the driveway to the parking lot for St. Clair Restaurant, I picked up my pace a bit because there was a vehicle of people waiting to get out, which it turns out was the same group of people that had nearly hit me less than a minute ago. I glanced at them and continued walking, still not having anything to say, and just as I made it to the other side of the driveway, the girl in the front passenger seat asked "Can I pet your tail?" Even now as I write this, I have a kind of perturbed frown on my face, which was the same expression back then, but figuring it would take longer to say no and explain why than to just say yes, I told her "Sure", walked back to the car, held up my tail, had it pet(ted), was told something involving the words "Really cool", and then I continued on my walk, not to be disturbed again.

Now, as for work itself, things literally weren't working properly there from the moment I walked in, but that's not what I have a story to tell about. What is of interest here is that after everybody else had gone home, leaving only Gabby and I in the building, we got a rather peculiar phone call, which I had the pleasure of dealing with. On the other end was what sounded like an extremely frustrated older woman. She asked me several times why we kept calling her, even after I explained a second time that she had, in fact, called a place of business which almost never makes calls other customers, and just wouldn't listen when I tried to explain that nobody had called her, and that I didn't understand what was going on either. Eventually I said "Hopefully you don't get any more calls after this then", followed by her responding with "You'd better not, because I'll make you stop!", at which point, sensing that I wasn't going to get anywhere else, told her "Have a good night", and hung up without waiting to see if she would respond again. The fact that she didn't call back after that makes me think it was a prank, but even if it wasn't, I am almost unnaturally pleased with the way I ended it.

It's time I swtiched my attention over to enjoying today's weather though. We could do without the humidity, and I would prefer snow over rain, but there is that saying about April and showers, so I should probably keep it to myself. Besides, this is quite nice anyways. I woke up earlier, just for a brief moment, but it was long enough to look outside, and see very dark rain-type conditions. It's raining now too, although it's not as dark as earlier, so since this weather is making me want to do something different, I'm off to make cookies a couple days early. I do have the time, after all, but I first just need to make sure we have enough butter...

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