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Karadur Inacu 

I Think I Can Live With This

So there. That's about six hours between yesterday and today that I've spent fiddling around with various versions of StepMania. It started with me getting tired of always having to wait so long for the program to load, so I upgraded to alpha 4 of either version 4 or 5. The newest one available on the site, at any rate. The first thing I noticed there was that the couple custom themes I had installed before would no longer work properly. As much was to be expected, of course, so I then set about looking for a new theme to use. As luck would have it, I found several, but the first one I downloaded was only compatible with a version of the game / program known as sm-ssc. Installing it went flawlessly, and I liked how there were options to enable or disable various parts of the UI (song title, BPM display, etc.), but I couldn't get my profile set up, and at first assumed it was because the profiles menu in that theme didn't display properly, so I installed a different theme, which I'm still using right now. At first, however, I could still not get my profile to work at all. I could see it in the options screen, and could assign it to either player slot, but when I went into the actual game, the only thing that displayed in the lower-left corner was "NoName". After some searching around I found this bug report though, and sure enough, I had a memory stick in the card reader slot, so I took that out, restarted the game / program, pressed enter a couple times, and felt a sudden wave of relief as soon as I saw "Karadur" down in the corner. That, however, was just one half of trying to get everything set up properly again. The other half had to do with noteskins.

I attribute it mostly to having used the same noteskin quite literally for years now, leading to my having become accustomed to it. I'd even go so far as to say there's some subconscious calculation going on with the different colors of arrows. When I see a red one I know I'll almost certainly be pressing it on the beat, and so on, so I simply couldn't accept the default noteskin that came with sm-ssc, which is where most of the six hours mentioned above came from. I've finally got it worked out now, but only after adjusting the colors of the midi-note noteskin file manually, and making grayscale all of the images pertaining to hold arrows. They were green before, which stood out too much, and as for the rest, any other method I tried either crashed the program, or didn't give the desired effect. Am I completely satisfied yet though? Not quite. It turns out the first new theme I tried was the only one to come with options to adjust the theme itself, meaning I can't turn off the BPM display or song title, which are rather unnecessary in-game. I like the new little bar that shows how much of the song is left, whereas on the other side once again, I'm less a fan of the floating life bar, but until I really want to see if I can change that (probably by fiddling around in the theme's metrics.ini file), I think I can live with how it is now. The program loads alot faster, even though I've downloaded even more songs, and that's the only thing I wanted to fix back when I started. Although just now I have discovered songs in the "Other" folder are ignored. If I rename it to "Other Songs" it works fine, as does the folder named "Other 2", but not plain "Other". Curious...

Games aside though, I tried something new yesterday. It was related to baking, and came out looking like this. Since it's so easy to be critical of oneself, I will say that I think it looks kind of lopsided, and definitely needs chocolate shavings as a garnish instead of cocoa next time, but you know what? For requiring only ~$20 and half an hour of work, it is really good cake, and the cookies softened up surprisingly well. It cut just like a normal cake, and since it's no secret that I'm going back, I'm pretty sure I'll make both and a veritable boatload of cookies next time I go to Toronto. What can I say? I like to bake <3 As for cookies versus bread and such, I made about 70 cookies on Tuesday afternoon, and I'm pretty confident that if I were to go downstairs and check for more right now, they'd all be gone. I do have some to bring in to work tonight, mind you, but I left all the rest downstairs on the kitchen counter for everybody else to eat. I think next time I make cookies, I'm either going to try the next recipe in the book of cookie recipes I was given for Christmas, or look through my bookmarked recipes found back when I used StumbleUpon and find one that looks worth trying. I already have a new cake recipe to try, which is going to require significantly more work to achieve than the one I made last night, so that'll be fun. As a last aside in this area now, a quick something that's mostly of significance only to me, and came about from showing that picture to my sole MSN contact last night:

(12:11:46am) Dan Skunk: <danskunk> http://pics.livejournal.com/karadur/pic/00248e7q/
<danskunk> Hmm... Sounds complicated.
<night_wolf> Oh god
<night_wolf> Dan
<night_wolf> I just came buckets
<night_wolf> Do want cake.0
(12:11:46am) Dan Skunk: Hehehe, showed the picture on my chat room.

Finally, to catch up on other odds and ends again, Trish is here, for how long I do not know, and I got paid ~$300 from work last night, which leaves me with enough to comfortably make it until our next pay. I have $20 and a bit of change left in my wallet though, and ten of that will be spent to get my hair cut tomorrow (I need to take a picture of myself first though, because it is really long), and I'm not sure where the other ten will go to yet. Not snacks at Tim Hortons, because that would go against my plans to not go there until next Tuesday, if at all, and I don't need anything else yet otherwise. Well, maybe a couple more packages of wafer cookies to make one of those new cakes in May, but unless I walk out to Real Canadian Superstore between now and then, I'll probably end up spending most of that $10 at Tim Hortons on Tuesday. As for Trish, from what I've gathered, she's here only for a short time, to bring some things up for when they actually visit in June. As noted above, I don't know how long she's here for, but I hope it'll be at least a couple weeks, because I currently have this idea to buy a couple packages of chocolate eggs and set up an Easter Egg hunt. More for my enjoyment in watching other people run around the house than for me to actually participate in, of course, but it'd be fun, and something different from going to Oaks Inn for brunch, driving back home, and going our separate ways for the rest of the afternoon. I'll ask her before I leave for work, I suppose, and otherwise I'm off to continue downloading StepMania simfile packs. I've barely made a dent in this list...

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