Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Really Don't Need These

Movie certificates / passes. One of our planned events that ended up not being carried through when I went to Toronto last month was going to see a movie, because I had and still have two admit-one passes from work. Not using them wasn't a big deal at first, because we started planning a second visit almost immediately after I got home, but guess what I was given when I went in to work last night? Two more of the same passes, except for that they expire in 2013, and the ones from before expire in 2012. So I can now take no fewer than four people to see a movie, or could go see four separate movies myself if a participating theater was nearby, meaning what? That they will almost certainly be used in May. They need to be put to some use after all, and I'd rather not just give them away like before. Further in that regard though, I asked to have the time I'll need for that visit off last night, and immediately had to explain to Melissa why I wanted so much, but I guess that's fair. To go for a good couple years with only incidental requests and then suddenly want more than a week off with the two visits combined must seem strange.

The other thing I really don't need now (or anymore) is / are my earphones. I brought them along to listen to music on the way to and in Tilbury yesterday, and ended up having Domino - one of the cats at the place we go to - chew partway through the cord, so the left earphone works now, but the right one doesn't. At first I was very displeased with said cat and annoyed at the prospect of having to buy a new pair of earphones, but eventually I decided it was my fault for keeping the cat in my lap the whole time and not putting the unused cord down inside my shirt, as well as that I do have the money to buy another pair, making the biggest difficulty going out to Future Shop. That way I can go out to Real Canadian Superstore for more wafer cookies at the same time though, and just maybe make another one of those cakes to take in to work tonight and share. Well, take in, share, and then go back home, as I have the night off, that is. I'm less certain about doing that than I was yesterday, however. I don't want to have to rush through making a cake this afternoon and hope it softens up by ~7:30, so what I might do instead is take James' advice and make it next weekend, for when he, Orlando, Manoah, and I work. I mostly want to let Orlando try some, of course, because last time the same happened that led to him or somebody he knows actually paying me to make another one, so it'd be neat if the same thing happened again. As for today though, I'll probably ask about going out to Future Shop and Real Canadian Superstore around 4, stop in at work on the way home to see how busy free taco time is and get a small lunch-type snack as well so I'm not just randomly going in there to look around and leaving again, and spend the rest of the night probably doing nothing in particular. Downloading more StepMania simfile packs, if anything, because I'm now about a fifth of the way through that list, and then there are some only available via torrent to get afterward. Kind of pointless all in all considering a majority of the songs are beyond my abilities (pun somewhat intended), but I'm never going to get better if I don't have something to work toward.

Going back to work for a moment though, over the past two nights that I've closed we've had surprisingly few people ask for a free taco. Three on Thursday, and one yesterday, and only the one yesterday was memorable, for how quickly and cleanly I "shut them down" so to speak. I introduced myself, and was met by their shouting "I want a free taco!" I calmly stated "I'm sorry, but free tacos are only available from 3 until 6pm". His response was "Aww, can't you make an exception?", to which I said "I'm afraid not", eventually followed by "Was there anything else I could get for you?", and after a short time they drove away. I guess there's just something satisfying about being able to tell people "No", even if it only lasts until next Wednesday. Oh, and also in regards to work, there's something else I realized last month while I was away. I noticed before that nearly everybody asked for Dr. Pepper with their Box Meals, and it wasn't until we were on the way home from walking through High Park on Sunday night that it "hit" me. As I was looking around the subway, I noticed the same sort of sign we used to have up at work, and on that sign, the only choices of drinks shown were Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper. Apparently people think that their choice of drinks is limited to what is shown as well. With exceptions, of course, but a majority didn't stray from those three.

I'm off to play StepMania and download more simfile packs though. I already went straight from waking up to organizing my closet which I originally meant to do on Thursday, and I think everything else is caught up for now. Although I could stand to vacuum, but yeah, maybe later. For now I am going to enjoy the resting I skipped over earlier, and maybe have a couple more blueberry muffins for breakfast, assuming there are any left~

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