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Not What I Expected

So yeah. Obviously didn't get called in to work tonight :p I came up here to my room around 9, and did stuff on my laptop and played some more Phoenix Wright 'till 10, then went out, and told Mom that since they hadn't called yet, as far as they were concerned, should they end up calling, I was asleep.

Around 1, I started cleaning my room, out of boredom, and having needed to for a while. I just finished, and it does look a lot better. I found one of the two keys to my closet as well, so I stuck a bunch of stuff in there. Mostly just boxes and such. I also found a disk on the bottom shelf of the table at the head of my bed. The label on it said it was my Grade 12 English project, so I ran downstairs, grabbed the USB floppy drive, and brought it back up here. After a bit of fiddling, I managed to get all the files copied off of it (which is a feat in itself, considering how old the disk probably is), and after looking at it, I can't believe I got a good mark on it.

Forcing you to use 800x600 resolution, for text alignment's sake? No. ALL CAPS TAGS in the HTML? No. Orange on blue text? No, for the third time (although in my defense, they are nice colors separately). Wow. I uploaded it here though, so go take a look, and see what I'm talking about :3

Anyways, work tonight's probably gonna suck. Walking there, first of all. I've walked home several times in the past though, so there's no reason I can't get myself there for a change. And given that they didn't call me in tonight, it makes me wonder if they ended up getting someone else to stay 'till close. If that's what happened, I can only hope things work out that way again tonight. I know on next week's schedule, I work 7-12 on either Friday or Saturday, so chances are they're going to have me stay too.

I think it's time to go to sleep for now though. I'm still not extremely tired, but I'm sure that'll change quickly.

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