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The Best Way to Save

Something still bothers me about yesterday. I think it's the fact that I went out to Real Canadian Superstore and Future Shop and spent ~$70 using my debit card, while for the past couple weeks or so I've been getting more and more used to, and even started to enjoy paying strictly with cash. Sure, I do (or did) have the money, and my purchases were hardly frivolous, but I am currently still annoyed, so what I'll probably do is withdraw another $40 on the way to work tonight, and subsist on that for the next two weeks. As for what I bought yesterday, Real Canadian Superstore gave me five more packages of wafer cookies (each cake takes two packages and a bit to make) and two packs of chocolate eggs, then over across the street at Future Shop, I came away with almost exactly the same type of earphones I had before, except the new ones are white as compared to the old set which were black and red. ~$25 for groceries plus ~$45 for earphones equals ~$70, and with a $40 withdrawal later tonight, I should have about a $90 head-start towards purchasing another train ticket next time we get paid. Then again, that $40 just might go more quickly than I anticipate.

For one, I was going to make a cake yesterday to bring in to work on the same night and share with James and Orlando and whoever else happened to be around, but fairly quickly decided to push doing so back to next weekend instead. I still need the whipping cream, and didn't feel like walking anywhere to get some, which is ironic for a reason I'll get to after this. The recipe requires three cups of whipping cream too, and the big cartons only have two, meaning I have to buy one big and one small, at a cost of about $7.50. Negligible and all that, although I really should check at Food Basics to see if they're any cheaper there. There is an additional expense after that though, which I continue to be annoyed about. I went out to Sobeys on Tuesday morning to buy margarine, cheese, and brown sugar. All for my personal use, but the cheese is the only one I tucked away and rolled up inside my bag in the fridge. It stayed there for just over a day. We went grocery shopping on Wednesday afternoon, and after sitting down for a bit when we got back home, I went down to the kitchen again planning to make a couple grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and still wrapped up nicely inside my bag found a quarter or so of the original block of cheese, looking like somebody had shredded the rest of it. I quickly went out and around and asked everybody if they'd used it, and eventually came back to Dad who flatly told me that he needed cheese to make scalloped potatoes on Wednesday night, and that it was all "we" had.

NO. I feel somewhat wrong getting upset about this after - in a manner of speaking - eating their money for just about the rest of my life, but let's just say that it's not right for me to feel completely angry about this, and move on. The cheese was unopened, and wrapped up inside a bigger plastic bag along with some turkey slices from Food Basics that I'm happy to report weren't touched. If that doesn't make you say "Oh, hmm... maybe somebody else was planning to use this", then I would start to question your sense of entitlement. Moving on, if you can see that I'm visibly annoyed about something that you clearly had a hand in doing, kindly offer an apology. Don't just stand (or sit) there staring back and expect me to accept that what's done is done and move on. Then on a different note to Mom, who said she would replace it next time she was out buying other food, no again. The whole idea behind me buying my own food and things with which to provide meals for myself is that in so doing, what's in the fridge already will last longer, and you'll eventually save more money. The same effect will hardly be achieved when you immediately jump to say you'll replace a $5 block of cheese. Oh, and just on a tangent, it's funny. $5 for cheese seems really expensive, but going back about a month, spending upwards of $10 per visit to 7-11 did not. Tangent aside, whenever I go up to buy whipping cream (probably tonight), I'll pick up more cheese as well, and this time clearly label it "DO NOT USE". I don't mind sharing cookies or other things that I bake. There's usually more than enough to go around with something like that, but when I buy myself cheese and meat and noodles and gravies and such else, it's typically enough to get me from one pay to the next, and doesn't account for anybody else. Oh, and just to address the small amount of hypocrisy in that, yes, I still do eat meals that are prepared with food that I didn't buy myself, but only in a family-style setting. Supper for everybody? If it's something I like, then sure, I'll take some. Otherwise, peanut butter and crackers or toast is about the farthest I go.

It seems rather appropriate now that I'm writing all of this stuff about food as well, when that ended up being a moderately big issue yesterday. I ate too much, and knew I couldn't just lay down and go to bed without feeling horribly guilty, so what did I do to remedy that? Went for a walk. Only about half the distance compared to last time, but I went in reverse this time too, starting here, walking down to Queen street, up to Park Ave, then took Keil out to McNaughton, to St. Clair, and back home again. I left at about 12:20 and got home a couple minutes before 2, so that's fair, but I think I like going the other direction alot more. The previous time - where I walked ~20km - the best part of the walk was at the halfway point - coming up to St. Clair and seeing everything all brightly-lit and warm-looking, as compared to last night, where I enjoyed the view from the peak of the hill by the train tracks at the far end of Keil (assuming the street name carries all the way down), but notice now that it wasn't nearly as far to get there. That aside though, I also enjoyed walking along the gravelly bit of road between Grand Ave and Keil, both for the pace I was maintaining (there's something about walking on the inside of a curve, I guess), and for the fact that I think I saw the same cop three or four times starting then. The first was just as I was entering that section of the road. The second and third came at different points along it, once when he (or she) was driving up toward McNaughton, and the other going the other way back toward Grand Ave, and then the fourth came at the end, where they parked diagonally adjacent to where the curved bit of road connecting Keil to McNaughton is. At first I thought they were going to pull up and ask where I was headed and such, but nothing like that happened, so I just continued trying to walk fast, hoping that the distance I was making would cause them to think (at least once) "Wow, that guy's walking really quickly". Fun walk, and I no longer felt guilty upon making it back home. Tonight, however... We're going to Country View for supper. Thus far I've had a can of pop to drink, and that'll probably be it. Pop, supper from there, and nothing else. I'm not in terribly bad shape now, but I'm defintely not as slim as I was upon coming home from Toronto before, so I should be careful and such. In that regard, I think I'll go shave and then fiddle with Firefox's header and footer images some more to keep myself busy. They're purple now, but light blue might be nicer...

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