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This Could Be Flattering

I made another one of these cakes on Tuesday, alongside Mom who made a normal chocolate cake, like the ones she usually makes. She was the first one to ask when mine would be ready too, so when I knocked on her door to inform both her and Dad that it was ready, I figured she'd be the first one down in the kitchen getting a couple slices, or the second, but only after me. What would I find out yesterday night upon getting home from Via Rail, however, that neither of them got a single piece. I had two of mine (so about a quarter total) and one of Mom's myself, yet when I went downstairs on Tuesday morning, all of mine was gone, and Mom's was still there with a plastic bag over top on the counter. And today when I went downstairs to check the mail as well, so I'm... pleased and annoyed once again, I suppose. It's nice to know that the cake I made was so good that Adam, Naomi and Trish devoured the rest in one night, but annoying because even when I asked Trish and Adam how it was, only Trish said "It was good!", and neither of them said "Thank you for making it", or even gave me a quick "Thanks". That's on top of them not saving any for Mom and Dad, so guess what? Next time I make one of those cakes to be shared at home will most likely be for Mothers' Day, it will be Mom's to distribute as she wishes. If she wants to give Dad a couple pieces and keep the rest for herself, I'll just sit back and smile on the inside. Still though, there's something about how mine disappeared within the night and Mom's is still there that... amuses me. Mind you, that could very well be because mine was quite a bit smaller than hers, but we could also just be getting tired of standard Devil's Food / chocolate cake. That's one of the reasons I asked for an angel food cake for my birthday last year. It was something relatively nonstandard. Maybe next year I'll have to find a recipe online or pick one from my list of bookmarked pages and say "Here. Please make this for me".

Also in regards to slightly annoying things, while it's been presumably solved now, Naomi's attitude about paying for or otherwise providing compensation for not being able to pay for the internet is pretty absurd. When I got home last night, she informed me that she had a job "now", which meant she didn't have to wash the dishes anymore. My response at the time was "Let me put it this way: either you wash the dishes, or don't use the internet until you pay me". With a little more context, the terms were that she is to wash, dry, and put away the dishes on Tuesday night until she is able to start paying me for the internet again. Not that she only had to do them until she got a job. Unless, of course, this job requires her to start early in the morning on Wednesday, in which case I would be willing to work with her (figuratively speaking), but she has given absolutely no indication of such yet.

As for me, I went to Via Rail yesterday as mentioned above, so I have the train ticket for May now as well as time booked off at work. What I don't have, however, is a definite answer to a couple questions I was asked on Wednesday night. The first was that if I wanted to go to a friend of a friend's cottage for a couple days during this second visit, and the other one was that if I would be interested in going camping with some furries. Towards the first, my tentative answer at the time was a hesitant "No, but give me a day to think about it so I make a fair decision", and is still there right now. It could be fun to go out somewhere completely different, but it would be for three days, and what sorts of things are there to do around wherever this cottage is? I want to say yes on the grounds that this could very well be a one-time thing and should go for it while I have the opportunity, but I also want to say no, because it wasn't part of our original plans. For now, I'll ask what sorts of things there are to do next time we talk. As for camping now, when they first asked me that question, I immediately assumed it was the camping-con that I've heard a few things about. If it is, my answer would be a definite no. If it were a group of friends just going out camping, on the other hand, that actually might be interesting. I've not been camping in many, many years, but that doesn't mean I don't kind of like the thought of going again. Depending on the time of year. Camping in the summer would be quite unpleasant. Early spring, such as what we're in right now or fall would be nicer though, and once again, that assumes it would be a small group. ~10 people at most. On a final note, this should all be taken with several grains of salt. I liked going to Toronto the first time because things went mostly well there, and there was no pressure to do anything. I liked going just to hang out, I suppose, so I don't see the point to going to a cottage or going camping when we can hang out at "home". Yeah, it's a mess, and this is draining quite a bit of my energy to talk about. All I specifically want to do the second time right now is go to the zoo, use these movie passes I have, make two cakes and many, many cookies, walk through one or more parks (maybe just the same one as last time), and maybe talk a little bit more.

Anyways, I am now getting hungry so I think I'm off to have a piece of Mom's cake, but before I do, two other noteworthy things took place yesterday. The first is that I reorganized my room. I badly needed something to do, so I did that, and everything is laid out nicely in a different arrangement right now. I do need to get up to Walmart and see if they have any of these still, but there's no rush for that. The second point of interest is that yesterday night was the one I had planned to go to 7-11 and Tim Hortons on, and I did not. Maybe it's because I went to 7-11 for a Slurpee and a couple chocolate bars on Sunday, but while I wanted to at first, I realized that more than anything I just wanted to go there to have something else to do. Just watch me stop there on the way home from work tonight or something. I might though, because it would give me something to look forward to...

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