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Much More Expensive Now

There's another reason for why it's good that up until on the way home from work yesterday I hadn't gone to 7-11 in a while. I purchased a sub, a small bottle of Coke which was advertised as coming free with any sandwich, $3 in 5-cent candies, and two packages of Reeses Pieces to crush into tinier pieces and sprinkle throughout the cake I intend to make later tonight to take to work tomorrow. The sub was $3, the pop was supposed to be free, the candies were $3, and the Reeses Pieces, at... let's say $1.50 a box (I can't remember exactly), but with 30 cents saved for buying two would've been $2.70. $8.70, correct? Why then did everything cost a little over $11? My guess is that he charged me for the pop. Either that or misheard me when I placed my hand on the bag of candies and said "I have three dollars worth of these". In either case, yeah, I won't be going there again anytime soon. I would be content with saying not until May 14th (a month from now, in other words), and in lieu of another non-arbitrary date, that'll do. Especially after seeing that Mothers' Day is coming up. I'm not sure what we'll do or what she might like this year (outside of making her a cake, of course), but Lucky In(n) sounds like it might work well.

Speaking of supper(s), I'm not sure why, but I've noticed we're going out quite a bit more than we used to lately. Smittys shortly before I left last month, Country View last week, and now tonight Swiss Chalet. Not that I'm complaining, because supper out is always nice, and I keep rolling my eyes at a certain memory of us going to Swiss Chalet as a family here (it was that night we were expected to pay for our own meals, and while I feel I conducted myself appropriately, some of my thoughts and comments about the evening that I mentioned in here seem decidedly childlike and embarrassing now), but it seems kind of odd. What I find differently interesting about this though is how I feel. Last time I was at Swiss Chalet, it was with Dan Skunk and Xion when we were on our way back to Union Station. I greatly enjoyed that experience overall, and in the past would be so upset and beside myself with longing to do it again that I would absolutely refuse to so much as look at the restaurant here. I think it ties into not wanting to trample over that memory and such, but in that case, why am I completely fine with the idea of going out tonight? Is it because I have everything needed to go back next month? Well, I might think about buying a larger backpack, but I have time booked off at work, and the train ticket on my bookshelf over on the other side of the room, so I need only wait. Mind you, that does not quell the gnawing anxiety I feel about going to this cottage. It's like that night a very long time ago where Josh was supposed to come here, but Joe ended up inviting us to his place instead. Josh decided to stay there, so I was invited to as well, but said no, and went home around midnight. Or the time I was over at Josh's house and Ted - a friend from high school - called wanting him to come over, and when informed that I was there, apparently casually suggested that I just be sent back home. Is this sufficient reason to want to avoid people? Kind of, but more than that it's just me not being able to make up my mind. Yay.

In effort to switch over to better things, work has been kind of different lately. When I walked in last night Ang greeted me with a stressed "Welcome to hell", and indeed, there were several signs of it having been busy. Where I was concerned, many, many dishes needing to be washed, but I was able to catch all of them up before we closed, thanks to things slowing down after 8. Dishes aren't very interesting though. They're normal and not worth talking about, but what does bear mention is how Gabby and I seem to be getting on almost amicably lately. Born of her closing so often, to be sure, and it's nice. We still don't say much to each other, largely because there isn't much to be said, but to put it into perspective, I'm almost looking forward less to closing tomorrow and Saturday night with Manoah, because we haven't closed in several weeks and I don't know what to expect. To get pizza from Dominos, possibly, but I tend to care more about things getting done quickly and properly than I do about closing with those managers who are more likely to provide a special treat these days. Next time I buy something like that will be from Dairy Queen, but I don't want to right yet. So suffice it to say, last night went from awful to only-behind-by-a-couple-minutes in the span of ~4 hours, and the only other thing that bears mention is how she (Gabby) completely forgot the grill. Forgot to clean it, and forgot to turn it off if she wasn't planning to clean it. At first I was going to say something once I got the feeling that she had really forgotten it, but my opportunity passed by too quickly, leaving me to walk home thinking that it should be alright, because that piece of equipment was left on the rest of the day without incident, and thus wasn't going to start a fire of left switched on overnight. Sure, she might get yelled at tonight, but I won't be there, and I did everything that was expected of the drive through closer, so I can claim some lack of responsibility.

What I can't not do, however, is help to move the mattress and such from the living room back up to the spare room here. Were my bed still on the other side of the room, I would assume Mom and Dad would be fine on their own, because they had to have helped move things out, but that's no longer an option after Tuesday night. I do like being over here again though. Everything being sunny and naturally-lit in the morning is nice (less so when I'm trying to sleep, granted), and it feels more open as well, but yes. I could probably go on about the aesthetics for another couple paragraphs, however I have other things to do. Hopefully somebody else is around...

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