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Shopping Makes Everything Better

So this has been a fun several days. The weekend started off quite badly, somewhat because of work, and somewhat because certain issues... reasserted themselves, and left me not wanting to do anything. I mean, Adam left, oh, at least a week ago, and it took me until Monday afternoon this week to drag the mattress from the living room back up to the spare room. During which I accidentally knocked a picture down that was hanging in the stairway, but according to Mom and Dad, it’s just “another picture broken” - unfortunate, obviously, but still something that’s happened before. Before I jump ahead too far though, Friday and Saturday were pretty unpleasant, as would have been Sunday if I didn’t have two days off after that to look forward to, and in those two days, things have once again gotten better to the point where I feel alright again. Mostly because of shopping, but let’s see here...

I started out by purchasing two 6 foot USB extension cords from somebody on eBay. Those cost $5.98 for two, with free shipping, which I must say is a far better deal than Future Shop and Staples were offering. Their cords were at least $20, so I’m glad I took a look on eBay. After that though, I went downstairs to make some supper, and ended up washing the dishes while I was down there. That bit of information will be important later, but so I don’t jump ahead of myself, I washed the dishes, made my supper, went back upstairs, ate, and busied myself with watching Ghost Whisperer, I think, until Mom knocked on my door to let me know that we could go. Dad had an accident at work a little while back resulting in his arm being broken, and he got the cast taken off on Monday, and they went out for supper afterward, so I needed to wait until they returned to go do my own running around. That involved going out to Real Canadian Superstore because the site said they had cases of pop on sale again, and I also wanted to get a few other things out there, so off we went. At first I was also going to ask to go over to Walmart after as well to look at what they had for backpacks, but Mom said there was a store in the mall that specialized in backpacks and such, but that they wouldn’t be open that late at night, so I decided to wait. In the end, I came home from that outing with four cases of Pepsi, two packages of chocolate wafer cookies, a small brick of Havarti cheese, and deodorant from Real Canadian Superstore, and then because they were close by, ten Skor bars, a bag of cashews, four pepperoni sticks, and a package of peach rings from Dollarama. I need lots of the chocolate bars because when I made a cake last time I went to Toronto, only half the can of sweetened condensed milk was used up, and I figure instead of wasting another one, I would do better to just make two of the same cake, and one of the chocolate wafer variety. Three cakes plus many cookies will be an awful lot, but as far as I can tell, storage space is the only real concern. Getting back to the above though, in total, I spent about $70 on Monday. Neither good nor bad, really.

As for Tuesday, and / or today since I’m still awake, I went up to the mall earlier this afternoon. First time I went there since Christmas two years ago, but now that I’m aware of one thing I didn’t know before, I think I might just find myself going there alot more often. There’s a Dollarama there too, which I bought five more Skor bars at (to make Mom a Mother’s Day cake) as well as another bag of cashews, and then I went upstairs to Bentley, and after looking through the selection of backpacks for a bit, found one that was big but cost less than the one I had been looking at online, and took it up to the cashier. Just as with USB extension cords, I’m glad I went there instead of to Future Shop or Staples once again. All of the decently-sized backpacks at both of those places were at least $50. The one I bought today cost only ~$26. Sure, I might be a little preemptive in that I won’t actually need it for another full month, but I have it now, and that takes some of the concern out. Oh, sure, if I just needed to pack the same things as I did last time, the backpack I borrowed from Dad back when I went to London on my own for the second time (as I recall, I used my actual laptop bag the first time, and was rewarded with a nice, tender bruise right over my collarbone for it) would suffice, but I plan on needing it for grocery shopping. Eggs can be carried in a plastic bag (or simply held by hand), but everything else can go into a backpack, and for all the stuff I will need, a larger one will be better. I haven’t spent money on anything else since then, and Naomi gave me $10 earlier meaning she no longer needs to wash the dishes, and that’s where me washing them on Monday afternoon comes in. There were lots in the kitchen after supper. I wasn’t looking forward to them at all, because I knew that if I tried to listen to music my mind would start to wander and I’d end up so overwhelmed by anxiety or panic or whatever it is that I’d get all hot and uncomfortable and feel like just running away again, but I went upstairs first to enjoy the hamburgers that were made for supper tonight, and when I went downstairs at ~9 to wash the dishes, saw that they were all done. One good turn deserves another and all that, so I went upstairs and thanked Mom and Dad for doing that, and sat back down to enjoy the rest of my night off.

Since then I have been, oh, fiddling about with AlltoAVI because it seems to be the only thing I can get to work to convert MKV files to AVI, and also tweaking things in the settings for a new browser I downloaded yesterday night. It is called Palemoon (or sometimes “Pale Moon”), and as far as functionality goes, is exactly like Firefox, except faster. Even moreso in my case because I’ve changed the icons and renamed the shortcut so that where appearance is concerned, it is Firefox. Yeah, if you so much as mouse over the menu button the menu proves that it isn’t, but the default icon is kind of bland to be quite frank, and any other mentions of the browser name can stay just as they are because I most definitely do not have the time or inclination (at least at the moment) to pick through every single file in the program’s folder to change the name. Aside from that, I work from 7 - close with Mary tomorrow, which I would be not so much looking forward to if it weren’t for wanting a couple things from there. Leftover flatbread (assuming there’s an even number of pieces) with which to make grilled cheese sandwiches, and another side-of cup of twist sugar for cinnamon toast, because one cup covers about 12 pieces. Oh, and towards grilled cheese, I want to try Gouda next, but Havarti cheese is quite good. It melts well and is oh so deliciously creamy. Not that it’s particularly relevant or anything, but yeah, I wanted to mention that.

Time for bed though. Or maybe it is time to quickly tidy things up first, then go to bed. Only twelve minutes left for this file to convert, so I think I can fill that much time~

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