Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

uTorrent Makes a Rainbow

Roughly, as seen here, with the rest of the desktop included only for some background color. And to have a picture of just in case I switch set-ups without taking a screenshot like I did before. Well, that is to say I did, but in no way is it presentable. Too many icons on the desktop, and windows open that would otherwise be minimized, which is why it's not in the normal desktop pictures gallery. This one, however, is, and I think the two (the first and third links) look kind of similar. Both have minimalistic window frames, the buttons are tucked away in a narrow strip up in the corner, and the colors used are pretty much only black and white, but outside of that, they're different. I like this now though, especially with the large-sized taskbar icons for a change of pace, and the colors in uTorrent really do make a rainbow, which is neat to notice. Another thing I especially like is the start button, but if you look closely enough, you'll see a black circle in the background behind it. That's part of the start button image itself, which I would like to remove, alas, to do so would compromise its appearance, so I cannot. That is why, in the process of finding that wallpaper, I was specifically looking for ones with a dark area in the lower-left corner. It is (or was) important.

Anyway, I have about half an hour to go. After making little headway getting AlltoAVI to properly re-convert the files that wouldn't play properly the first time, I switched over to multiAVCHD. I actually found that program first, but couldn't get it to work because I didn't have the necessary tertiary programs installed, which is when I found AlltoAVI (again), but after coming to the decision that it just wasn't working with those files, switched back again, left the first file converting while I went away to work, and... came home to see an error message. The solution to that ended up being just needing to update one of the aforementioned tertiary programs, and aside from a negligible loss of quality (barely any), the first file converted properly. The only downside is that I have to convert one file at a time. There doesn't appear to be an option in the MKV2AVI program to convert a directory of files, and when each file still takes an hour and a half to two hours, I would rather stay up a half hour later or so and start converting the next file before I go to bed. Even then, I'm afraid all of season 3 of Pokemon won't be ready for George by the time we get done work on Sunday, but if not, I'll have him over anyways, and then again on Wednesday night, for when I saw him at work last Wednesday, I mentioned that I'd also downloaded Garfield & Friends (plus many other related things as seen in that screenshot in the first paragraph), and he said his brother would like those. So yes. It'd be nice for everything to work out for Sunday, but if not, we'll make plans for another night the same week.

Speaking of work though, I suppose I should be more annoyed about what happened tonight. For the first three hours of my shift, I was doing really well. I had been assigned to steaming, and was really focused, which in turn helped me to make food faster than I usually do, but then at 8 all of the supper staff went home, and I was switched over to cleaning the dining room. I did all that and had everything mostly caught up (to the point of just needing to mop the floors and change the garbages) by 10:00, so I went into the back again and stood at the counter looking out, thinking about whether or not I should ask / tell Mary "The dining room is caught up for now. I'm just waiting until the people eating out there are done to mop, so are you alright if I go back to work on the dishes for a bit, or is there anything else that needs to be done?" when she told me that I could go home at 10 because it wasn't busy enough. On any other night, I would've been indifferent to that, but on a holiday where we get paid more, I'd like to work my full shift, please. But I went home anyways, ate far too much and am seriously considering not eating anything at all tomorrow to even things out, and haven't had any further thoughts about work except for when it was raining earlier.

There we go though. That file is done converting, so I'm off to bed. Should be a rather interesting sleep, what with waking up every now and then to check if the current file has finished converting or not...

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