Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Few Brief Notes

Mostly because I'm kind of out of it again (although it's not so much that I'm out of it again, but rather that I never was fully "in it" before) and still don't feel like writing a whole lot. There are some things that I do want to mention though, and... yeah.

a] I couldn't have asked for a nicer first day off. Over the past couple days I've been getting more and more tired overall, thanks to going to bed late on Friday and waking up early for work on Saturday, then going to bed late on Saturday, and waking up at 11:30 to go to Oaks Inn on Sunday. The only thing that could've made sleeping that extra bit nicer would've been having a shower before laying down in bed, but I didn't, and oh well. Even so, I slept from about 5am to 3:30pm, and woke up not to bright, sunny skies outside, but the rain and cloudiness is pleasant contrast to what it was like out on Saturday. It does sound like it's letting up now, which is unfortunate, but checking the weather for the rest of the day shows thundershowers or a chance thereof all the way through, which is quite nice <3

b] Work last night. Before leaving the house I was looking forward to it, because as far as I knew George was closing, and I'd just finished converting season 13 of Pokémon, so he just needed to remember his external drive and we'd be all set. That was thrown completely out the window when I walked in, asked him "Did you remember?", and was told that he wasn't closing after all though. Apparently he and Gabby switched shifts, which I was displeased about at first, but it turned out well enough. Just as I was walking up front to check what time it was, Gabby actually asked if I minded her being on drive through instead, which is decidedly unusual, but I told her no, that I'd rather be on it, and she accepted that with a resigned "Okay". My reasoning mostly had to do with how tired I was, which apparently everybody else was as well (or at least were "out of it"), but I felt bad enough for saying no, so I tried to help as much as possible. Swept, scrubbed, and mopped the entire floor (both front and back) on my own, tidied up the walk-in a day early, took out all the cardboard and garbage myself, and generally tried to make it up to her. It'll be curious of that wasn't just a one-time thing though, because how will Melissa react when she learns that the closing managers are getting tired of doing the same thing over and over? I don't mind any position as long as it's not busy, but when it picks up enough to be called such, yes, I would prefer drive through because it's what I do most often nowadays.

c] Work over the weekend. On Saturday, specifically. That was the first day that I hadn't had enough sleep, but being somewhat fatigued was kind of beneficial in that case. An hour or so into my shift, I asked Sheila if she would mind Chris being on line by himself and me working on the dishes until he needed help, because I was fairly confident that I could wash them faster than Nicole, and she said yes, so off I went. I did get called up several times, but that much was to be expected, and even with that, had every single dish at the back washed, somewhat air-dried, and put away by 8:00. That's when I got sent home too, because it wasn't busy. Thus, on Friday my 5-12 shift got cut by two hours, and on Saturday my 5-12 shift got cut by four. Am I displeased? Kind of, but I like how that worked out all the same. I'll get another chance to do the same on either Friday or Saturday, as well as Monday this coming weekend, and at least them I'm scheduled to be done at 10.

I don't believe there's a fourth topic to write about, so I'm off to make some lunch with the pieces of flatbread that have been in the fridge since last Wednesday, and then I might have an email to write, in hopes of sorting things out. Nice afternoon for it at least <3

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