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Catching Up on More Things

First of all, this is exactly what I mean. I went through my starred conversations in Gmail last night to contact people with whom I have outstanding commissions, and the same person who replied apologetically in the past (Qemba, for reference) did the same again, and in my reply to them I mentioned that I definitely knew what I wanted for the next picture, but was going to keep that idea a secret for the moment, because there were already two pictures on the go. One was from an idea I gave them back before Christmas, and was set aside in order to get the pictures for my birthday and Christmas finished in time, and after that, they said I could go ahead and give them a description of what I wanted for the next picture as well, and I did, being somewhat tired of repeatedly saying "I'd rather deal with just one at a time" and so on. Skip ahead to earlier tonight, and they replied to that email to say that they'd decided to start working on picture 2 again, because the first sketch wasn't turning out how they wanted (bear in mind that said decision came apparently after at least two months of not knowing what to do with it), and also said that they didn't remember there being a picture. Yet if we'd been working on one at a time there wouldn't have been any confusion, so yeah. This is another instance where I can say that I know what I'm doing, but other people are seemingly clueless.

As for other commissions though, to recap, there are / were three. One was a free picture for commissioning a story, the second was 5 pictures from the same artist, and the third was a second story from a different person. As of last night, about the most I can see getting from the latter two people is my money back. I told the artist that they have until mid-August to get back to me, and that if I haven't heard from them by then, will be leaving appropriate feedback and asking for my money back. Should they respond before then, however, I'd be more willing to negotiate, but considering they've been missing since October 14th (I think), I feel that it's not unreasonable for me to want them to make it up to me in some way. Then, towards the person I was supposed to be getting a second story from, I more or less told them that I no longer want the story as I described it in one of my previous messages, and because that was two or three delays or changes-of-mind too many, I would rather just ask for my money back. It's true too. I no longer want a second story as I envisioned it before, because I've pretty much disowned the first one that the second would've been based off of. It's a little sad considering all the money I put into it, but to put a literal spin on the word, I have a disability about sharing things that are important to me. That is to say I pretty much can't share them at all, so I liken it to the author of the first one and I having a tug-of-war with the book (representing the story, obviously) in the middle, and me eventually giving up and letting go.

In less serious news, these two days started off with me thinking, among other things, that due to how tired I was, I would sleep in for as long as I could manage on Monday. To be fair I did as well, because I didn't get out of bed until 3:30, but looking back on what is now early Wednesday morning, I am still tired. I woke up at about 1:00 today, and normally that wouldn't make a difference, but I was ready to call it a night at 4:00, right up until I decided to have a shower first, and that gave me enough energy to come back into my room, lay in bed, and start writing this. I might try to sleep in tomorrow, I suppose (one of the things that really helped on Sunday was that I'd had a shower before going to bed), but thanks to being lazy today, I have obligations tomorrow in the form of going to Money Mart to ensure that the internet will be paid for on Thursday. Although that's not until ~6:30, and then on Thursday, I think I want to up to Dollarama in the mall again (it's curious that I think of it as going up there when the mall, and thus the store is downtown though), and I won't have to be in any particular rush the second time, unless that particular store closes earlier than the rest of the mall. Oh, and going back to work tomorrow again, George had better remember his external drive and actually be closing this time.

That doesn't come until tomorrow though, and in the meantime, what I'm going to do now should be obvious. I've needed to email that person who's selling USB extensions cord on eBay for quite some time, and then I also need to reply to Qemba, and then it'll be time for bed. Just the same as I do any other night, no?

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