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Where Did the Wind Go?

Since last night, the weather has really been quite something. On my way to work yesterday, it was sunny and bright and just a touch too humid to be comfortable, and stayed that way up until about where I walked past work on my way to Money Mart, then it started getting all dark and cloudy and ominous-looking. I mostly shrugged it off at first, thinking that it would lighten up again just as quickly as it got dark, but no, I was mistaken. Even so, however, I still sat outside underneath the trees until it was time to go in, and it had only started to rain just slightly when 7:50 came and I got up to go in. Then it started raining a little bit more, which was to be expected, and that continued throughout most of the night, but stopped shortly after we left. From then until ~5:00 it was quiet and unremarkable, but after 5 I saw a flash of lightning outside, and about ten minutes later, the wind started. It was quite forceful too, enough so that if I was outside walking around in it, I would have some difficulty keeping steady. Unfortunately, it also made sleeping a little difficult, so I'm bound to be tired yet again later tonight, but otherwise it's just cloudy and probably still a little windy outside right now, which is kind of a letdown. I do still plan to go to Dollarama today, probably at 2:30 at latest, and great gusts of wind could make for an interesting walk <3

What I am also equally looking forward to is either tomorrow or Saturday before work. I ended up having the better part of an hour to just sit outside yesterday night, and while that wasn't quite so enjoyable, having the time was, so if I wake up early enough, I'll leave here at 3:30 tomorrow and go do some shopping first. I need to see if Shoppers has tweezers, and then will soon enough need some more cheese and meat from Food Basics, along with still having that Bulk Barn gift card from Heart and Stroke that I got back at Christmas, which I really ought to make use of. In that case, though, it might actually be more fun to spend that $15 on things to put into cookies. Chocolate covered raisins, for instance, would be interesting, but I also almost refuse to make another batch of the same kind of cookies now, because all I'm doing anymore is finding different things to substitute in the last step, and while other people may still enjoy the cookies, making them isn't fun for me anymore. But on the same note, I made two batches of the kind with peanut butter M&Ms last week (a full week ago, actually), and left about 18 on a plate on the kitchen counter. Normally when I do that they're gone before the end of the night, but this time they lasted until getting home from work on Sunday. Thus, Adam is to blame, and because I have reason to believe that he and Trish also ate most of that cake I made when they were here last month, when they come up again in August, I will be enlisting their help to make more. Maybe. It'd be nice to get them to realize that cookies and cake don't just magically appear with no effort or dishes dirtied. And on that note, a letter from Adam arrived in the mail yesterday, and I read a couple lines of it last night while making supper, which were to the effect of him being outside, and that there were lots of dishes in the sink and the rest of the place became more of a mess each day. Any issues that they may be having aside, do clean up. You'll probably feel better for it, and speaking just for me, I couldn't live that way. Sure, the cleanliness of my room and so on does tend to slip when I'm upset for whatever reason, but within a week the mess becomes significant enough an issue that it has to be cleaned up before I can do anything else.

The same is true of work most of the time. It's much easier to work quickly and efficiently when my area (including the floor) is clean, as shown by nights where I've been in a bad mood until I was able to clean up. Not that last night was like that though, and I think I should find something else to talk about, because I've mentioned most of this other stuff at least once before. Therefore, the next thing I could say is that... oh... for the moment I want to do what I did last summer again this year: go to London just for the afternoon (3-9pm) to go shopping for random things and do something different with my day, and definitely watch where I'm going the second time. I really do mean it when I say that would be enjoyable, but for the moment I don't know when. I'm pretty sure I went just before Mother's Day last year, because I was planning at first to go to Food Basics there and ask about getting a roll of bags from them, but this time around I'll be leaving for Toronto less than a week after the same day, so I really can't go then. I don't want to when it's hot though, nor do I want to go too soon, meaning that... the end of June is probably my best bet for now? Perhaps. But then what of this family reunion thing taking place in the same month? I'm still very opposed to going to that after what happened last time, but it's also only a single day, and I can just make my terms very clear to everybody else: if there is even one hiccup, so to speak, I'm staying at home. Otherwise it could be fun to go, although when I think of going to Aunt Carol and Uncle Brent's again, I think of reliving the time we went there in the van and I had the entire back seat to myself on the way home to lay down / stretch out and play Phoenix Wright. It's never as good as the first time though, so... yeah.

Anyways, I should probably be heading out soon, but before I go, one other commission-related thing to share. As mentioned yesterday, last time I contacted that person I was supposed to be commissioning a second story from, I told them that I no longer wanted the story as I had described it before, and because I was more or less getting tired of changing my mind and not being able to make it up myself, wanted to know if getting my money back was an option. $100 would be helpful for Mother's Day, after all, but it's also a fair chunk of money, so I could understand if they weren't able to accommodate me right away. So for reference, prior to yesterday I hadn't heard from them since mid-January. By some miracle, however, they were able to get back to me yesterday afternoon, and the preview of the message went something like "I'd be happy to write a different story for you when you decide what you'd like. I really...". I haven't yet read the full message, but I'm guessing the "I really..." continues to say either "am sorry for the delay" or "wouldn't be able to give you a refund right now", and in either case, all I can do is hang / shake my head and think "I don't want this though". Seriously, at this point in my life on a whole, I no longer want a new story. I don't want anything fictional, because that makes a mockery of my real life, and as I said before, there's little point having a non-fiction story written when I have several years' worth of recollection of events here in my LiveJournal. I am effectively stuck between a rock and a hard place, so I'll have to see if anything comes to mind within the next little while.

More immediately I am off to Dollarama though. Before it starts to rain again and all that~

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